Fleece fabrics for winter

Fleece Fabrics for winter – Plain Dyed

Fleece fabrics for winter, as winter approaches that means its’ time to wrap up warm. We offer a vast range of fleece fabrics from plain to Sherpa and bonded to hoodie fleece. 

Plain Fleece Fabrics

Our Plain fleece fabric 300g/m2 100% Polyester anti-pilled fleece,is a soft luxurious lightweight brushed fabric. Warm and comfortable and used to make a wide range of items including, apparel, athletic wear, throws, blankets, hoodies, hats, scarves, sweat shirts, jackets, outdoor clothing, baby blankets, sofa throws, pet clothing, pet bedding and toys.

Fleece fabric is a popular choice amongst sewers as it is  easy to sew and easy to maintain and wash. Machine washable at 30c, it also dries quite quickly due to its construction technique and water repellent tendencies. Good news for people who have wool allergies, fleece fabric is great alternative to wool. Environmentally friendly this fleece is manufactured from re-cycled plastics and plastic bottles.

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Sherpa Fleece

 Our Sherpa fleece fabric is supersoft and is ideal for blankets, toys, jackets, gloves, hats, craft works, pet bedding, cushions, costumes.Synthetic Sherpa fleece is a man-made replica of cut sheepskin fleece. Traditionally the wool is buffed and flattened to make a dense material that is warm enough to protect from harsh winds and durable enough to last for decades. 

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Hoodie Fleece Fabric

Our Hoodie fleece is a very popular fabric for fashion street wear and sports wear.  Used to make hoodie tops, sweatshirts, over sized tops, leisure wear and tracksuit bottoms for adults and kids. This fabric is manufactured by way of circular knitting on the latest Mayer & Cie knitting machines using ring spun yarn to give a comfortable feel.  The machine creates a tube measuring 92 cm when flat and 184 cm all the way around. Normally the fabric would be slit open from one side achieving an open workable width of 184cm. The outside of the jersey is a fine smooth knit whilst the inside is brushed to create a soft and warm pile. The fabric blend is a mix of 45% Polyester 40% Acrylic 15% Cotton, and has a 280grm knitted construction.

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Sherpa Fleece Bonded

Double the fabric for double the softness! Our new Bonded Sherpa fleece uses classic non pile plain fleece one size and thick fluffy Sherpa fleece on the other and bonds them both together to create one fantastic fleece fabric. Both fleeces are produced from 100% polyester and can be washed at the same low temperature of 30 degrees. The double sided quality lends itself to home interiors, cosy blankets and throws. Ideal for keeping the winter chill at bay, this fleece makes excellent outdoor clothing and accessories for you and your pets. 

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