Gingham Fabric

Gingham fabric is balanced plain-woven fabric. In a check, stripe or plaid pattern.

Small Check Gingham

Small Gingham, the smartest and most traditional of the three varieties and widely known as the school uniform Gingham. The small squares in the check pattern measure just an 8th of an inch. As with all traditional gingham, one coloured and one white yarn is used to create the pattern, resulting in a third tone just slightly lighter than the main colour. The smart look of this small gingham is ideal for workwear as well as schoolwear. The taut structure of the fabric can be worked into neat tailoring for mens and ladies shirts.


The fabric is a mix of 65% polyester and 35% cotton. Lightweight but tough enough to endure hot washes, after all school activities can get a bit messy. Red, bottle green and navy blue are the most popular shades for summertime school wear,but we also have pink, blue, yellow, lilac and black to choose from. 

Medium Check Gingham

Medium check gingham, the most versatile of the tree gingham we stock. The medium quarter inch check has more impact than the very small 1/8 inch and the pattern can be noticeable form further away. Men’s,women’s, children or adults clothing, medium gingham is the best all rounder if you want a fresh gingham look. The fabric is made from a blend of 65% polyester and 35% cotton to create the iconic three tone check which is woven into the fabric, not printed like some lesser varieties.

We have ten colours to choose from :

  •  Yellow
  •  Turquoise
  •  Royal Blue
  •  Sky Blue
  •  Brown
  •  Bottle Green
  •  Lilac
  •  Navy
  •  Pink
  •  Red

Get the gingham retro look and create full circle skirts, cute three quarter cut off pedal pushers, slinky wiggle dresses and tie up blouses. The fabric has a taut structure yet drapes smoothly. These two assets mean you can cut and make neatly tailored garments and create crisp pleats whilst being able to create rippled gatherings and fully flared skirts.

The traditional style of gingham fabric holds an undeniable charm. Whether its a classic countryside look your going for or a retro kitsch interior design, gingham looks great around the home. The breathable quality of the poly-cotton works well for bedding, and the smooth draping quality is perfect for curtains. Be sure to check out our small and large gingham collections too.

Large Check Gingham

The chunky and funky variety of gingham. Great for retro rockabilly dresses and cute blouses, this over-sized classic check has made a real fashion comeback for vintage look and retro fans. A traditional woven Gingham, not printed like lesser variety. Traditional Gingham is constructed of combed medium yarns, the colouring is on the warp and also on the weft of the fabric weave. Because of the woven method of production, the result is a fabric which is the same both sides, fully reversible.

We have seven great colours to choose from….

  • Bright Emerald Green
  • Pale Sky Blue
  • Classic Red
  • Black
  • Vibrant Yellow
  • Navy Blue
  • Bottle Green

Add some kitsch to your kitchen in over-sized gingham. Giant gingham also adds cool retro touches around the home, garden or even your camper van!   This looks lovely used for bedding, curtains, tablecloths and seat pads. Try adding a few of our colours together for a really colourful interior, and use with touches of bright white cotton to add contrast and a brighten up a room.

Made from 65% polyester and 35 % cotton this versatile fabric has a mid to light weight and can be used for dressmaking and soft furnishings.

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