Bean Bag Fabric

What is Bean Bag fabric?

Bean bag fabric is 100% polyester and has a great water repellent finish. This fabric is UV fast,  meaning it does not fade in sunlight. The fabric has a textured feel and pvc like composition.  It conforms to fire retardant BS585. Here at Fabric UK, we stock a large range of vibrant colours suitable for both indoor and outdoor furniture.

Bean Bag use in the home

Soft and safe, bean bags can be used to replace chairs and sofas. For a relaxed and laid back look, to a lounge-sitting room, they are fabulous for settling into with a cup of coffee and the TV guide. Also ideal couch style chairs, floor cushions and  great relaxing couches for reading corners and children’s play rooms.

History of Bean Bags

The first bean bag furniture – The ‘Sacco’ Chair(Italian, for sack) was first conceived in 1968 by Italian designers, Pierre Gatti, Cesare Paolini and Franco Teodoro. Their anatomical chair consisted  of an outer shell, loosely filled with small polystyrene balls. The loose inner fill allows the outer shell to take on the form and contours of whatever is placed on it-making bean bag chairs very comfortable, as they adjust to the contours of your body shape.

The simplicity of design has inspired many imitators and DIY enthusiasts to create their own bean bag furniture. Now bean bags come in all shapes and sizes. Extremely lightweight and mobile, bean bags are becoming more and more popular, with ‘thirty somethings’ finding uses for them around the home and at the office.

Bean bags for Kids 

Ideal for hyperactive and Autistic children. The furniture can be jumped on, played on, thrown around, pulled and tugged quite safely. Children’s nurseries often use bean bag furniture for its safety and mobility.

Fun spaces can be created for Doctors surgeries or waiting rooms in general. They can be used to create a safe environment where kids can play with minimum supervision.

Outdoor Waterproof Fabric

 Easy to wipe clean, it will handle whatever gets thrown at it. Therefore, if your using it for a kids play area, that means mud, food, drinks and goodness knows what else!

100% Waterproof

As the image shows, the front and back are different. The weave of the fabric is noticeable on the front so this is the side that is mostly used when making seat covers, canopies and beanbags. From here it looks like a regular fabric. Whereas, underneath that you can see how tough its designed to be.

Waterproof but Fire Retardant Too!

Yes, this outdoor waterproof fabric is actually fire retardant too. Certified for general public use. This is an ideal fabric for events and premises where as a result, you must use materials that pass the British Safety Standard. Certificates are available as a PDF on our website that you can easily print off.

Free fabric samples available

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