Olfa Rotary Cutting Tools

Olfa Rotary Cutting Tools

olfa rotary fabric cutterOlfa Rotary Cutting Tools, made in Osaka, Japan, land of the Samurai…where they know about the blade! OLFA manufacture the finest in hand-held cutting technology and replacement blades, Introduced by OLFA in 1979, the Olfa rotary cutter has changed the quilting and sewing industry. 45mm Cutter is the most popular size available, this cutter features a blade safety cover and handle is designed to reduce hand fatigue.

The cutter has a rolling razor blade used to cut fabrics into shapes, strips and pieces for sewing, quilting and craft projects. Olfa Rotary Cutters Accommodate both right and left handed users and can cut through multiple layers of fabric at one time.


There are two types of Olfa Rotary Cutters:

  • Standard
  • Deluxe

Both types have a protective blade cover to protect the blade and the user. The Deluxe version also has a safety lock to prevent the blade being exposed and features an ergonomically designed handle with soft grip to prevent injury and reduce hand fatigue

Suggested Uses

The following are suggested uses for this tool:

  • Perfect for general quilting
  • Sewing and craft projects
  • Ideal for industrial applications
  • Creat fabric shape

Available Size

Rotary Cutters come in a range of sizes to suit all types of applications, Replacement baldes are also available for all cutters.

Olfa Rotary Cutter Models

Replacement Blade Reference

The following are Olfa cutter models with their respective replacement blade references:

  • 18mm (RTY-4) – [RB18]
  • 28mm (RTY-1DX) Deluxe – [RB28]
  • 28mm (RTY-1G) – [RB28]
  • 45mm (RTY-2/NS) – New Model – [RB45]
  • 45mm (RTY-2DX) Deluxe – [RB45]
  • 45mm (RTY-2G) – [RB45]
  • 60mm (RTY-3DX) Deluxe – [RB60]
  • 60mm (RTY-3G) – [RB60]
  • 45mm (PIK-2) Pinking Cutter – [PIB45]
  • 45mm (WAC-2) Wave Cutter – [WAB45]

Compass Cutters

Olfa also offer cutters to cut circles, known as the following:

  • CMP-1
  • CMP-2
  • CMP-3

Good Design Award

Granted by the Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization, is proof that the awarded product has remarkable quality in both aspects of “design and practical use”. Many OLFA products earned the “GOOD DESIGN” award and proudly fly the “G” mark


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