Our new quilted fabrics!

Quilted Fabrics

We have a new range of quilted fabrics, created right here in-house. Featuring an array of Textures, colours and prints .

What is Quilted Fabric?

Quilted Fabric is fabric constructed using a layer of wadding sandwiched between two layers of your fabric of choice. The fabric is then secured using a variety of intricate stitching lines, usually forming a repeat pattern.

Quilted Italian lining fabric

Quilted Italian lining fabric – Onion

This Italian lining fabric features intricate designs. All Jacquards are woven and feature an opulent two tone finish.

The composition of this fabric is made from 50% viscose, 50% Acetate therefore, forming a smooth lightweight fabric; boasting a satin like sheen. Available in a useful 60 inch / 150 cm width this fabric is ideal for dressmaking projects. 

Tri Mesh Sports Fabric

This high quality endurance fabric is specially designed for sportswear and active wear, particularly jackets.  

The clever three ply mesh layering creates great insulation to warm the muscles. The breathable quality makes the fabric ideal for endurance sports such as long distance running and cycling.

The three layers consist of…

  •   A Base layer of white soft brushed polyester
  •   Middle layer of knitted black polyester
  •  Top layer of coloured polyester mesh in a 1 cm dash pattern

The sporty style of the fabric would also look good as car or van seating. The slight give in the fabric would work well as an upholstery fabric for contemporary office spaces or interior designs.

  • Three ply fabric
  •  Breathable
  •  Jacket fabric
  •  Activewear
  •  Sporty
  •  110 cm wide
  •  NON waterproof

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Quilted Denim 8oz Contrast Stitch

Quilted Denim Fabric

Our 8oz denim fabric quilted with a contrasting thread features a 50mm box design onto 100grm polyester wadding. The fabric width is 140cm

Ideal for most quilted projects including

  • Jackets
  • Apparel and fashion
  • Bags
  • Dog & Pet clothing
  • Outdoor Clothing
  • Craft & Patchwork
  • Blankets
  • Equestrian clothing

This fabric is also great for creating exciting upholstery features, Seating applications, cushions pads, and interior covers.

Quilted Spacer Fabric

Here we have a range quilting using spacer fabric. Spacer fabric uses a microfilament yarn between two fabrics which creates a breathable “microclimate” between the layers, making heat and vapour easy to pass through. This is a  lightweight quilted fabric, 100% polyester. The fabric is ideal for garments, packaging, Motor Trade, Exhibitions and Exhibition Stand, Arts and Crafts, Film Industry, many more uses. 

Our Quilting services

Check out all information on out quilting services here.

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