Ways of Using Fabric for your Pets

We love animals at Fabric UK meaning that we don’t stock any real leathers or furs for ethical reasons but we do sell fabrics that can be used for animals! Seeing as we get so many people calling in asking for petwear fabric, it’s about time we dedicate some thought to fabric for pets. But think again if you thought pet bedding and clothing was plain and uninteresting because these ideas are elegant, achievable and purrrrfect for pets. 

Pet Beds

It’s getting into summer now so rather than using fabrics for pet clothing to keep them warm you may instead want to use fabric to make beds for you furry friends to lay about on in the warm weather. Here are some nice ideas:

  • Stylish patterns and printed fabrics bring elegance to the home and can also make a great covering fabric for a comfy bed.
  • Wadding can be placed on the inside as a cushion.
  • A brilliant idea is a tepee which can be placed outside in the sun for some shading.
  • Thinking of making a pet collection? We can provide stitching services to make such items!
Teepee bed for pet
Source: Etsy
Foam for cushioning and padding petbeds
Foam KBT3181

Pet Clothing

When opting for petwear:

  • Bright and pastel colours look great on animals!
  • Be sure not to overdress them on hotter days but when it’s a bit chilly knitted and fleece fabrics are a warm and cosy option.
  • Waterproof breathable fabrics are perfect for drizzly days.

purple polka dot fleece


Dog Bath Time?

We have a range of towelling fabrics which can be used to dry your pets after a bath or when they traipse in from a rainy day!

Dog in a towel coat
Source: Blazepress
Terry Towelling fabric can be used for pets
Terry Towelling: KBT252







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