Self Adhesive Fire Retardant Hessian

Self adhesive hessian fire retardant

This self adhesive hessian fire retardant version holds all the classic qualities of jute Hessian along with a handy super sticky self adhesive backing. Because this fabric is so often used for events, visual merchandising and displays, we have added a fire retardant coating to the fabric. This makes sure it meets the relevant  British safety standards.

self adhesive hessian fabric
Self adhesive hessian fabric, easy to peel of backing paper

Sticky Backed Coating

The backing is protected with waxed paper which you can simply peel off to reveal a sticky coating covering the back of the Hessian so its ready to use.  The jute fibres are 100% natural so there will be naturally occurring colour variances in the fabric weave. This and all of our Hessian fabrics are fully biodegradable, so you can feel better about doing your bit for the environment.

sticky backed burlap hessian fabric
Peel off backing paper to reveal strong sticky back adhesive


Up-cycle Hessian Look

Self adhesive Hessian or burlap as some call is, is a great way to up-cycle furniture for a neutral themed interior designs. Flat surfaces such as bookcases, chests of drawers, sideboards and wardrobes are ideal to upgrade. The sticky backed Hessian will fix to most flat surfaces, changing an unwanted piece of furniture into a contemporary item with a country style twist.

hessian coffee art

Hessian wall paper is an increasingly popular interior design choice for feature walls. When blended with complementing d├ęcor, and in the right setting hessian walls give a warm friendly feel whilst setting a smart contemporary tone.

Certain coffee shops, cafes and restaurants have used this look with success, the warm caramel to coco shades working perfectly with the comfort of food and drink treats. The hessian fabric also holds an important link to the tradition of how coffee and other commodities have been transferred from field to table for centuries.

self adhesive hessian burlap fabric

The hessian fabric also holds an important link to the tradition of how coffee and other commodities have been transferred from field to table for centuries.

Traditional With a Sticky Twist

This traditional use and style is ideal for visual merchandising and events with a rural themes. You can easily cover props, walls and floors,tables and chairs or create large typography by cutting out letters from the fabric.

Available online in metres, with a width of 154 cm, this particular hessian also holds a fire retardant coating, so its ideal for use in public areas where health and safety may be an issue.

Cover Large Areas

If you need to cover large areas such as walls and flooring for events or visual merchandising, give us a call to find out about bulk purchase options.  This fabric visually works well with our other natural coloured traditional fabrics, have a look in store and online at our calico, canvas and hessian ranges.

  • Biodegradable
  • Self Adhesive
  • Fire retardant
  • Wall covering
  • Traditional look

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