Laminated Hessian Fabric

We have a great range of colours to choose from in our laminated hessian fabric collection. Bright cheerful shades to natural,all at £3.99 a metre and measuring 120 cm wide. This laminated version of classic hessian fabric is ideal for arts and craft, visual merchandising, props and displays. Read on to see how it works….

How Laminated Hessian Works

Classic rough weave Hessian fabric with the extra element of a very useful laminated surface applied to the back of the fabric. The traditional rough jute fibres are loosely woven into a simple mesh weave which would normally let water through. But with the clever addition of the laminate backing it stops liquid getting past the fabric. 

orange laminated hessian fabric £3.99 meter

Watertight Coating

Laminated Hessian is used to prevent liquid from getting to the fabric as well as protecting what is underneath  the fabric. It looks and feels just the same as any hessian fabric. The difference lies underneath in a strong back coating of tough plastic which prevents any liquid getting past the fabric. The coating is completely transparent, so the bright colours of the hessian are kept true.

green laminated hessian fabric

Laminated Hessian Uses

From practical to pretty, there are so many uses for this fabric. Particularly if you need to merge the pretty with a touch of practicality. If you need to create anything with the classic hessian look but with added protection, this is the fabric you need.

  • Hessian bags with waterproof protection in case any groceries spill
  • Table mats and runners, will protect the table underneath
  • Flooring for outdoor events, adds grip to the surface
  • Indoor flooring to protect carpet or hardwood
  • Shade and rain protection for the garden
  • Wall coverings props and visual merchandising
  • Cute accessorises
  • For schools and collages
  • Industrial building use for protection

The waterproofing qualities of the fabric ensure that you can place glasses, cups, soup bowls, vases and any liquid filled item on the fabric and it will guard the furniture underneath from any spillages and heat transfer. Market stall covers and outdoor structures benefit greatly from this weather proofing. Not only protecting from rain showers, the completely water tight laminated backing also works well as a wind break! So garden shading on lounges and picnic benches will protect from the wet weather as well as the sun.

Get in Touch

If you have a structure you need covered, out textiles team will create your bespoke design exactly how you want. If you need clear panels and eyelets as part of your design these can easily be integrated. Have a click on the link below for our laminated hessian, and give us a call if you have any questions.
For free hessian fabric samples call us on 0121 359 2349

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