Lomond Upholstery Stripe Fabric

Part of the Lomond upholstery range, the Lomond stripe collection consists of seven shades of quality upholstery fabric. The colours are designed to mix and match with the plain and check Lomond version of the fabric. Subtle and subdued shades of grey, blue, teal and beige, ready to add to a colour scheme or blend with on trend neutral interiors.

Lomond stripe fire retardant upholstery fabric
Lomond stripe fire retardant upholstery fabric

Fire Retardant For Upholstery

Made from a high quality polyester blend, lomond upholstery fabric is also designed to be fire retardant. Its a legal requirement for upholstery fabric to meet British Safety Standards. Whether its being used in a nursing home, a cafe, a shop, an office or restaurant, all these are spaces are for public use and must therefore adhered to official guidelines.


Gunmetal and orange Lomond stripe fire retardant upholstery fabric

As suggested, the main tone of this lomond stripe is a mid gunmetal grey which could also be described as slate or pewter. The main focus however, is the vivid orange stripe which runs through the woven fabric in half cm lines and pinstripe dashes. This is highlighted by white lines of thick and thin pinstripe dashes, a paler grey, not much different to the main gunmetal shade. And set with contrasting black lines and dashes.


Pebble Lomond stripe fire retardant upholstery fabric

Pebble lomond is the ideal shade to go for if you want true balance in your neutral decor. Not too warm or too much on the cool side of the spectrum. It combines two a neutral shades for the backdrop, one slightly cooler than the other to create a neutral tone of warm wheat. This could also be described as light taupe or cool beige. Either way, it will certainly work with the current popular trend of neutral tones and textured fabrics. As with many of the thick yarn used in the Lomond range, the fibres are blended in different shades which creates a mottled look when viewed close up. The warm grey in this weave is actually made using a pale stone like beige mixed with a slightly cooler grey to make one yarn bundle, the other mixes a pale oatmeal shade with a pale coffee colour. This in turn, creates a visual texture as well as a soft touch fabric. The stripes use black, white, oat, and a stone grey to add to the detail. Altogether this variation combines to make a great addition to any neutral themed interior.


Twilight Lomond stripe fire retardant upholstery fabric

Twilight uses a cool mid grey and soft mid blue for their background blend. This produces a more defined miniature check effect than some of the other varieties. The lines that are woven through use silver grey, white and black to produce a smart upholstery fabric which would look good in formal surroundings such as offices.


Biscuit Lomond stripe fire retardant upholstery fabric

If you like your neutral shades on the warmer side, this one’s for you. A blend of shades that conjure up delicious ideas of toasted coconut, cappuccino, almond, oatmeal, golden wheat and a touch of chocolate. You could indulge yourself by adding more creamy and shades and the odd milk chocolate accent to create an interior design perfect for a dining room or a kitchen diner.


Using the classic shade of traditional soft mid blue that denim is so well known for, that background is produced using only flacks of grey as an accent. Making this a more solid background colour than the other varieties.The woven background is overlaid with a weave of dotted and dashed pinstripe in various thicknesses, using a very pale blue, white and pale grey for the stripes.

Denim Lomond stripe fire retardant upholstery fabric


The background weave of this lomond stripe named Ash, uses a contrasting mix of a pale oatmeal beige and mid grey to create smart fine chequered woven finish. The two shades blended produces a tone which in some light seems to have the faintest hint of musky green. This stripe lomond would then work well with very subtle sage green shades or even a very deep bottle green to compliment it. If you wanted to keep the colour very limited in your decor, use plain or woven pale silver grey and light oatmeal to blend with the stripe pattern

Ash Lomond stripe fire retardant upholstery fabric


Cool shades of pale teal and grey are used to weave the main background of the lovely lagoon Lomond stripe seen here. The thick woven setting almost looks rather like a very small check pattern, which looks great against the long stripes of buff grey, silver grey, white and black.

Lagoon Lomond stripe fire retardant upholstery fabric
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