Halloween Costume Classics

Halloween Costumes

Halloween is a brilliant excuse to get dressed up, there a massive scope on outfit ideas. You don’t even have to go for a particularly scary Halloween Costume anymore, its more about the fun of getting into costume.


Today, though I shall be starting off with the Halloween costume classics and matching fabrics to themes that you can use for kids and adults.


There are a few ways to depict the unhinged feral furry creature of nightmares, it depends on what part of the change you want to look like. You can go full on furry for this Halloween Costume and create a onesie type of costume, you can make this to measure so no floppy paws and odd looking baggy legs.

 kids wolf costume                 wolf trousers                wolf costume

You could try a part transformation outfit with ripped up clothes and parts of the outfit covered in fur, or layer parts of fur under the clothes and rip the seams so it looks like the fur is bursting through the clothes. We have some great fake furs in stock in short pile or tall pile for a more realistic furry look.

tall pile fake fur  honey brown fake fur  grey fake fur


A vampire look can be achieved mostly by make up and pointed teeth, mixed with any kind of outfit from Gothic to modern day nurse! but if you want to achieve Dracula, the archetypal Transylvanian blood feeder look a cloak is definitely needed to make a dramatic sweeping entrance.

vampire man vampire boy

As Dracula was meant to be a count, the cloak would have represent his wealth so an opulent looking cloak in velvet, velour or satin would be ideal but thrifty way of looking the part. Go for plain black or with red lining.


Witches outfits are usually a mixture of black fabric and accents of darker shades of purple, green and sometimes orange. Most are in the form of a dress with the adult dresses mimicking corsets.  In many styles of witches costumes netting or organza is used for the skirting part of the dress whether its short or long.This is a more fun style witches costume, and the layering of the netting or organza looks very pretty, almost like across between a princess dress and a witches dress.

tutu witches costume  girls green tutu witch costumegirls purple witch costume

There are many versions of the witch look you could go for. Historical Salem witches, voodoo witches, sorceress, cute, saucy, Gothic, punk. Or famous witches from film and TV, perhaps the most famous and actually quite scary is the wicked witch of the west from the Wizard Of oz. Her green face, shrill laugh and pointed hat became a backbone for most evil witches costumes. Then there the Hogwarts witches and wizards, a school uniform mixed with cloaks and house colours, very different from a tradition witch but very recognisable.

You could choose the theatrical pointed hat look or a long hooded cloak for a more mystical type of witch. Start with black as a base and add colours if you want. Flared sleeves look great on most designs and sorceress style and Gothic outfits will look perfect with longer sleeves, cut from the elbow that drape majestically to the ground. Use sheer black fabric like organza, voile or lace to use as a cloak, long flared sleeves and for the skirting part.

voile witches outfitproper scary witchvoodoo witchragged purple witch

For a more ragged look like a Macbeth witch or a voodoo witch, you can use thin muslin to layer up the outfit. The muslin can be cut and torn to achieve a rougher look and can be dip dyed. Moon and stars motiefs are also popular on witch and wizard costumes, often because of their links to the night time and studying astrological signs. We have some great metallic star fabric ideal for extra layers on the outfit.

Black Cat

Classically used as a Halloween theme as most witches would have cats, black cats obviously. For a cute fury outfit we have black fake fur in short pile and luxury ling pile to make furry black cat features or a body. Or for a more slinky idea our stretch velvet in crushed or plain.

furry rave cat cat onesie lycra cat

black fake fur  kids furry cat


Yes, we have plenty of white sheeting fabric.


Male or female, scary or sexy, funny, evil, camp, playful. I’ve seen devils in suits, furry costumes, Lycra clad, high heels, satirical and political, cartoon, disco, demonic and legendary.

We have matt and shiny Lycra if you want to make a made to measure skintight outfit, crushed velvet and satin for a touch of opulence or fake fur for a playful devil.  You can create a devils outfit with whatever inspires you, just use the two things that will make it instantly recognisable, the colour red the  and the horns (pitchfork is optional!).




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