Stretch Lycra Panel Fabric for Events

Super Stretch Lycra


Widely used for canopies, visual merchandising displays, garden shading, festivals and clubs this ultra stretchy pure white fabric can be easily stretched into fantastic looking shapes.






The Lycra fabric can be elongated into ultra contemporary designs for sleek merchandising and can also be printed on, making it ideal for advertising banners and canopies.

For artistic creations, this Lycra can be easily cut, shaped and stretched into intricate designs for indoor or outdoor shading and decorative pieces for festivals and events or stretched into huge organic looking shapes that look like they belong on a space station!

stretch fabric instalations

Stretched Shading gives a sleek contemporary look to events large and small. Huge marquees can be made from this fantastic fabric or you could design a smaller version for your garden. The white stretch Lycra we stock is extra wide, measuring 200 cm across, very handy for covering a lot of space in one go.

red stretch fabric canopy with holes








Intricate and artistic formations can be easily createdwith this fabric.
You can experiment with shaping without damaging the fabric as it will simply bounce back to its original state.

overlapping coloured stretch fabric shading

Art installations and bespoke visual display designs are making the most of the stretchy attributes of this Lycra, and if you look around in stores of all sizes you will find this fabric being used for all sorts of visual designs from simple signing to elaborate creations.

  stretch art installation fabricOf course if you wanted a splash of colour to change the bright white you can achieve fantastic effects with coloured lighting angled around the white fabric as seen in the images below.

purple lighted stretch shape design


This is a great idea as a multitude of colours can be created with clever lighting, so you can change the colour designs when ever you want without changing the actual installation shape or colour.

Alternatively, you could go for a solid colour or overlap several to create a complex coloured design.

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