Sprinkler Gauze, what is it?

Sprinkler Gauze fabric has been manufactured specifically to be used as ceiling panels for exhibitions and events in buildings with sprinkler systems.

What is it used for?

Gauze and scrims are generally used for lighting and visual effects. Designed to create stunning effects with applications for TV, film, theatre and events. Gauzes are used for ceiling applications due to the ease of application with sprinklers.

Fabric specs

The sprinkler gauze is 100% Cotton and Knitted,This fabric is not pre-shrunk. It has been dyed and chemically treated

The fabric is FR Certificatied: BS5867, EN13501-1, VdS – Title: BSI – BS 5867-2 Fabrics for curtains, drapes and window blinds – Part 2: Flammability Requirements.

This fabric is Non-Durably Flame Retardant. which means that the fabric is chemically treated and if wet (in any way) should be retreated to meet the flammability requirements of BS5867 Part 2 Type B, EN13501-1 and
VdS. Therefore, the cloth will not withstand wet cleaning and should be re-flame proofed whenever wet. The gauze can be professionally dry cleaned using the correct chemical process.

Fabric samples available on request, 

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