Speaker Panel Fabric

Speaker panel fabric is a polyester mix fabric widely used for speaker covers and large areas of panelling, as the name suggests, but can be used for all sorts of practical and creative projects.

The fabric is made into a smart but lose weave cloth which has a fine grid like appearance that is noticeable up close.  This loose weave allows sound waves to travel through the fabric with no distortion or loss of clarity.

The Fabric

The fabric is available in either a block shade of red or black or a mottled shade of light grey, dark grey, blue and beige. The mottled varieties use slightly different toned yarns in the weave to create the smart effect of several tones in one. 

This mottled style looks particularly good when used with contemporary speakers and designs, giving depth to the clean lines of minimalist products.

For Speakers

Speaker fabric is designed specifically to cover the surface of a speaker so it will look more aesthetically pleasing. Of course the sound cannot be blocked at all therefore the fabric needs to be made from a relatively loose weave so waves of sound can pass through. 


For Amps

The main purpose of speaker fabric is for sound to pass through, but as well as the necessity of a loose weave the fabric must also be taut and tough. The fabric must stay taut as any slack in the fabric may warp sound waves. Speaker fabric is also used for amps, a much larger and louder speaker than home varieties for radios and I pod’s. Amps need to handle quite a bit of tough love, they get moved around for live gigs and clubs so the fabric is  tough enough to handle the odd knock or scuff.


For The Workplace


Speaker fabric is a great fabric for use in the workplace. Economic and easy to use for all sorts of practical projects,  these room dividers are covered both sides with speaker panel fabric, so they can double up as notice boards too.


Notice Boards

Speaker panel fabric is particularly handy for notice boards for a number of reasons. The taut structure can fit nicely over spongy materiel or cork to provide a smart look to notice boards. The very small holes in the fabric allow pins to go straight through without puckering the fabric. 

Capsule Desks

Capsule desks are popping up all over larger offices. Open plan workplaces are very popular, spending less on separating people into rooms is healthier for companies pockets and for the workers state of mind as having space around you can ease of the pressure in comparison with working in a cramped crowded room. But every now and then people need to gather for updates meetings or even lunch!






These contemporary designs for pod like desks unite a small group of people at a time and give a little privacy to their meeting. The pods are covered inside and out with the very handy speaker panel fabric, easy to fit to padded or flat designs.

Wall Covering

Schools, collages, and offices all benefit from panel fabric used for wall covering. It can be be used on a whole wall to create a softer decor, or parts of the wall to display artwork or notices. 

Acoustic panels

Speaker panel fabric is often teamed with acoustic foam to create practical and attractive noise buffering. Large open areas like theatres use this option to stop sound echoing around the space. Offices, gyms, schools and leisure centres also use this method to muffle sound that would normally bounce around large areas. 





Cleaning is easy using a standard domestic vacuum or you can wipe clean with a damp cloth, for a deep clean a suitable upholstery shampoo can be applied, regular cleaning will give the fabric a fresh clean appearance.

Fabric width is 170cm

weight is approx: 210 to 220grm m/2

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