4 Fabrics For Spring Fashion and Inspirational Outfits

Spring fabric floral pattern

The sun has been shining for the past week which means we’re finally jumping into spring! Weather is clearly a big factor in fabric and garment choice so that we can stay comfortable and warm. The March to June period is a favourable time of the year as you can team both heavier winter fabrics with cooler, free flowing fabrics. Classic springtime materials include lightweight, insulating fabrics which ‘breathe’ to allow for the rise in temperature as the weather becomes milder compared to the cold winter. Prints gladly look more fresh and fun with summery, neutral and lighter colours in the form of florals and stripes. Below are our top 4 spring fabrics:

Floral and a paisley print cotton lawn

Cotton lawn is very soft and supple cotton fabric made this way by using certain finishes. It is a plain weave, woven using fine yarns with a high thread count. It can be used for dresses and lightweight trousers with examples of how to use it in the pictures below. Afterwards you can layer it up with jackets and cardigans.

spring fashion prints floral and paisley
Top left: Found on Ideas for Beauty Pic, Top Right: KBT6322, Bottom Left: KBT6319 Bottom right: Found on Wachabuy

Quilted suede/ water resistant fabric

The season of the bomber jacket. This is a popular fabric here at Fabric UK and one which we regularly stock. In recent years quilted jackets have prominently entered the fashion scene for both men and womens wear. Quilting holds the wadding still between the outer and lining fabric and at the same time gives an edgy padded look whilst the wadding traps still air, increasing the garment’s insulating properties.

quilted for spring fashion bomber jacket
Top left: Found on Sheer Luxe, Top right above: KBT7358, Top right below: KBT5655, Bottom Left: Jackket: Noisy May found on Just the Design, Bottom middle: KBT5655, Bottom Right: Image: Happily Grey blog, Jacket: Rebecca Taylor


Suitable for clean cut, casual clothing, striped fabric gives clothing a sophisticated and fresh look. We do a 1cm stripe fabric in combinations of white with various other colours. It is a lightweight, crisp poly cotton fabric ideal for dresses and jumpsuits. The jersey striped tubular fabric we also have, seen on the top right, has stripes of about 5-6cms and can be used for long sleeved jersey tops, cardigans and lightweight jumpers.

striped fabric spring fashion inspiration
Top Left: Sincerely Jules Blog, Top right: KBT6177, Bottom Left: Found on ZKKOO, Bottom middle: KBT201, Bottom right: Found on Shop Style

Water resistant PU coated polyester fabric

These fabrics make for great waist to hip length raincoats and bomber jackets, suitable for drizzles of rain. Albeit, unlike a large winter coat, these PU coated fabrics are breathable so you won’t overheat!

Waterproof breathable fabric for spring jackets
Top Left: Coats Jacket found on Joules, Top right and middle left: KBT1859, Middle: Found on Popsugar, Bottom left: KBTRPM250P, Bottom Right: Coast Jacket found on Joules


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