Behind the Scenes of our Samples Department

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We know that for some people it’s important to have fabric samples so that you can see and feel the fabric before going by the metre. For others they might be useful for quilting, university projects or inspiration and mood boards. With this in mind, we thought it was time to give you a peek into what goes on behind the scenes in the samples department. Having all these samples pretty much gives us our own fabric library; we have a few hundred boxes all numbered, ordered and categorised with a comprehensive range of fabrics.

As an intern, I have spent over a month in the samples department and gained an insight into what really goes on. I found that samples is a busy and often a fast paced environment as orders come in thick and fast. Fabrics have to constantly be cut to make more samples and sometimes samples requested for a new fabric or for other fabrics awaiting stock can take a little more time to be sent out.

You can call in or email us to select suitable fabrics for specific uses such as for a theatre costume, bags, furniture coverings etc., or send in a fabric sample which you’re trying to find close match for. Do try and give us as much information on delivery and your full address otherwise it gets sent back to us or it may go to the wrong address which will delay arrival to you. Whilst working in this department I learnt so much more about the feel of fabrics, suitable uses for different materials and have memorised most of the fabrics which Fabric UK have stocked here! Everyone else who have worked here for longer are even clued up on all of the fabrics and the best fabrics for various applications.

Samples can be ordered online: this is the best way if you’re after a large quantity of fabric samples, over the phone: 0121 359 2349 or email: if you would like FREE fabric samples! We aim to give you a sample large enough to see the pattern, colour and feel of the fabric. Any problems or general concerns with your fabric samples, simply get in touch by calling us. Below is a short snapshot video behind the scenes of our samples department. We hope you like your samples!

We want to know what fabrics you’re looking for! Are there any fabrics which you can’t find here and what are they? Leave a comment below or let us know on Twitter @fabricsample or on Instagram @fabricuk_official

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