Free Fabric Images

Free Fabric Images

We are constantly approached by textile and design students, eBay sellers, small manufactures, fabric retailers and some of our customers who make items using our fabrics to sell on, seeking permission to use our fabric images from our website, we offer free fabric images, always happy to help.

All of our images are licensed under the creative commons.  Meaning you are free to use them for your own projects or use them on your own websites, eBay listings, product brochures etc… as long as you use them in a fair manor.

As well as this, we’re willing to help you obtain images, if you need our images without branding or watermarks, we can provide them.

If you need higher resolution images of our  fabrics or even special effect photos taken, we’re happy to oblige please let us know.

If you are going to use our images please request prior permission before use.

You can contact us by email or telephone us on 0121 359 2349