Lomond Upholstery Stripe Fabric

Lomond Fabric

The Lomond upholstery range consists of seven shades of quality upholstery fabric. The colours are designed to mix and match with the plain and check versions of the fabric.

Lomond stripe fire retardant upholstery fabric
Lomond stripe fire retardant upholstery fabric
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Fabric Testing – Is Your Fabric Fire Safe?

Fabric testing

Is your fabric fire retardant? If you are unsure for any reason,we can test it for you. Our fire retardancy fabric testing service ensures piece of mind. We will test the fabric on various levels to find out its capability. If the fabric is to be used in public places such as hotels, coffee shops and restaurants, it needs to reach the British Safety Standards levels titled BS5852 BS5852 (1979).

Upholstery fabric for seating

Proof on the fire safety of many fabrics can not always be found. Some choose to ignore this obvious warning to their detriment. This will lead to legal issues and in unfortunate cases, fire.

Once fabric testing is complete, what happens next?

Once your fabric is tested, if it passes the tests needed to reach British Safety Standards, we will provide documentation on the tests and the all important official certification that your fabric is ready to go.

Get It Safe and Sorted

If your fabric fails the fire retardant testing, don’t worry. We are on hand to transform your fabric to one that will adhere to the British Safety Standards. Your fabric can be professionally coated with fire retardant solution so you can carry on using it safely. Prices for this service all depend on the amount of fabric you would like to be made fire retardant. Therefore,We will endeavour produce the required amount, and have it ready for within a reasonable time frame. We accept any amount of fabric for conversion, from one metre one metre to one thousand (or more) hence why using our service is inevitable. So if you are a small independent upholsterer or a large manufacturer, we can have your fabric ready for work, so you don’t loose any credibility or any sales.

Other Fire Retardant Options

If you choose to change your mind completely and go for a new fire retardant fabric,we stock plenty. Our fire retardant fabric is produced to the highest quality and meets the relevant British Safety Standards. We stock a huge range of fire retardant fabric , from display to leatherette.

Have a look at our Fabric UK website and scroll through the choices…..

For a quote for fire testing or fire retardant conversion, just give us a call on 0121 359 2349.

For help and advice please call us on Tel: 0121 359 2349

Metallic Lurex – Glam Gold or Silver Sparkle

Made from shiny polyester, Metallic Lurex has a larger structure than average lurex . This larger weave creates a chainmail effect, great for costumes and cosplay. Both the silver and gold use black as an extra element in the weave and this produces a gorgeous two tone effect in the fabric which changes  with the light and movement. The silver has more of a pewter look due to the two tone black and the gold is a deep rich tone.

The fabric itself is a sheer, semi translucent lurex. For example, when you hold in front of an item you would be able to partly see through to it. This is fine if you want to use the fabric for display or flat against a wall, but not if you want to hide anything. For dressmaking and costumes there are so many uses for this sparkle fabric.

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close up detail of gold lurex fabric
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Lomond Check Upholstery Fabric

Lomond Check – The Details

Named after Loch Lomond area in Scotland, The Lomond check collection is inspired by the traditional tartan patterns Scotland has made iconic. The Lomond patterns are all woven (not printed). So each colour you see has been woven from a separate length of yarn to create the finished effect.

Made to be fire retardant, you can use this traditional look fabric on upholstery and decor for pubs and cafes, and knowing its regulated to British safety standards.

Making The Pattern

Made from a blend of 100% polyester to produce high quality fibres, these are bunched together to create a thick length of yarn which is used in two ways. Some is used as it is and some is cut to create a tufted texture.

The bottom, or background layer is produced using the bunched thick yarn. If you look very closely you can see the separate fibres. Some of the yarn uses a blend of shades in one length to give it a mottled look. The top layer of criss crossed lines uses the tufted yarn for the high and low light colours. This use of two types of yarn produces a great quality fabric which feels both smooth and soft.

The Collection

Seven colour mixes to choose from, in subtle tones of grey, soft mid blues, teal and golden wheat. Scroll down to take a look….



Samples are available, so you can take a closer look before deciding. Just call us on 0121 359 2349 or order a sample from our website.

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Topaz – Fire Retardant Upholstery Fabric

Part of our extensive soft feel upholstery range, Topaz is a great all rounder if you are looking for a smart sleek finish, with safety and durability. Topaz is designed to be fire retardant and upholds to the British fire safety standards. You can even print off your own copy of the test certificate. If you are planning in interior for a public place such as a hotel or restaurant, fire retardant is not only expected, but in many instances it is the law.

Warm neutral shades of Pebble, Dessert, Taupe and Mink Topaz upholstery fabric
Warm neutral shades of Pebble, Dessert, Taupe and Mink

The Look

Topaz uses a close clipped velour to create a fabric that balances in between Chenille and velvet. The feel of Topaz upholstery fabric is soft, with the very short pile giving a sleek finish. The textured detail shows neat lines as fine as pinstripe. These make up the thicker bars of 1cm across that run continuously throughout the fabric.

The Collection

Charcoal Topaz upholstery fire retardant fabric
Black Topaz upholstery fire retardant fabric
Grey Topaz upholstery fire retardant fabric

The very darkest tones. Grey, Charcoal and classic black. These tones are ready to work wherever you choose to put them. The classic black will, of course go with anything, but splashes of brights like lime or tangerine will look awesome.

The Brights

Tangy tangerine and lime look fab together, if you like your colours contrasting. And that goes for Pink and teal too. Alternatively you could keep the colours with their closer colourwheel partners. Personally, I’m a big fan of orange and pink at the moment.

Orange tangerine Topaz upholstery fire retardant fabric
Lime green Topaz upholstery fire retardant fabric
Topaz upholstery fire retardant fabric in Teal

Decadent and Delicious

Pink Topaz upholstery fire retardant fabric
Burgundy Topaz upholstery fire retardant fabric

This trio of delicious colours are a homage to two of the finer tastes in life, chocolate and wine. Bournville is named after the dark chocolate produced in the village of Bournville in Birmingham. Burgundy is a historical region in France, famed for its wine production. Though the shades of wine and burgundy look similar, please note, wine has a slightly warmer tone.

Bournville Topaz upholstery fire retardant fabric
Wine Topaz upholstery fire retardant fabric

The Neutral Zone

Two pale tones and two mid tones. These could all blend equally well with each other to create a neutral themed interior of warm oatmeal, stone and beige shades. You could also pick any one of these to add to the rich palate above as a lighter accent.

Pebble Topaz upholstery fire retardant fabric
Mink Topaz upholstery fire retardant fabric
Taupe Topaz upholstery fire retardant fabric

Topaz upholstery fire retardant fabric in Dessert

Grey shades all hold a the faintest hint of a color and this can determine what shade they are best to mix with. Slate grey is a lighter option than the deep inky tones of charcoal and grey and has a slight hint of blue to the mix, tipping it firmly into the cooler area of the colour wheel.
The pewter colour of slate invites colour combos of pale to dark blues, purple and plum, aqua, teal and cool greens. In comparison, the shade of Grey in Topaz upholstery range shade is slightly warmer in tone and would work better with lime green.

Slate grey Topaz upholstery fire retardant fabric
Slate, a handy mid tone Grey.
plum purple Topaz upholstery fire retardant fabric
Plum, looks good with slate grey.

If you like the look of this upholstery range, why not call us for a free sample so you can get a feel as well! 0121 359 2349.

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