Calico that’s Waterproof AND Biodegradable!

This is no ordinary calico; we are offering a natural coloured fabric that is able to protect against water, and also biodegrade! 


The back of the fabric is lined with the waterproof layer, preventing any water from absorbing into the calico, but unlike any other PVC materials, with this one you know you are buying smart as it is evidently environmentally friendly. 



We also have our stitching team at hand if you want us to create something for you using this multi-purpose fabric.

This fabric is ideal for:

  • Wedding marquees, gazebos, tents
  • Coffin lining
  • Festival tents
  • Table covers
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Indoor and Outdoor use

As for events, this is a perfect choice for wedding marquees and gazebos, as it can easily fit in with most colour schemes as it gives a soft neutral tone, as well as it offering that protection from rain, allowing you to offer your guests areas to go outside but still be sheltered from the outside elements. A feature that might just swing it for you is the fact you will be making an environmentally friendly choice if you purchase this calico over another.  

It makes an appealing table cover as well, because you can drape it over tables so that the smooth natural looking calico is visible, with its waterproof layer hidden as that is only on the back of the fabric.

This can be ideal for any artistic activities, especially painting as it acts as a canvas and provides a smooth yet slightly textured base to design on, from its fine woven structure.

Tip: You could even paint over this fabric with white acrylic paint first to create a clean fresh looking background before creating your masterpiece!  

You can use this type of calico for Eco Coffin Caskets as it will protect inside due to its waterproof capability, but is designed to slowly disintegrate over time. There are environmentally aware funeral companies who create caskets out of other materials that quickly degrade such as recycled card, wicker, and bamboo. 

Samples or fabric metres can be ordered on our website, or by calling us on 0121 3592349, also for any questions or enquiries. 

Please feel free to visit our fabric showroom anytime, no need for any appointments.            

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