Achieving the Perfect Fit When You Sew

One of the many frustrations that people have with modern clothing is the lack of proper fit that they provide. As they are made to set standards, it is rare to find an item that truly clings in all of the right places and provides that comfortable fit that means you rarely ever have to adjust.

Of course, one of the best ways to get around this is to sew your own clothes instead. This can range from crafting your own designs through to simply making changes to an existing garment so that it suits your body type better.

Here we will take a look at some of the tips that will help you to achieve that perfect fit.

Don’t Be Afraid of Darts

A lot of people are a little wary to use darts when they are fiddling with a garment, possibly because they are a little wary of ruining the integrity of the piece of clothing that they are working on.

Many think that they shouldn’t do anything to alter the pattern on the garment, however, darts can be used to allow for a much better fit. This will usually mean that any slight adjustments made to the pattern still look better simply because they fit your body.

Always Remember Your Seams

If you are using patterns for a better fit it is important to remember that the lines on the patterns are there for a purpose and should help you to achieve a better fit without having to go off on your own.

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More importantly, you should always remember that you need to account for any alterations you make using a pattern piece. If you make a change on one side of the garment, you also need to make sure that you do the corresponding change on the other side of the garment too, else you will just have something that is completely mismatched.

The Grain Line

There is simply nothing more important than the grain line of a pattern. The line essentially acts as a base for the entire garment, so failing to make sure that your work is accurate to the grain can lead to clothes hanging poorly.

As such, you should never deviate from the grain line in your pattern. Not even by a little bit. If you do then you may end up ruining the entire garment, or giving yourself a ton of work just to get it back to something that feels at all wearable.

Preserve Your Patterns

Once you have found something that works and fits your body type, don’t simply leave it as a paper pattern. After all, paper is extremely easy to tear or get wet, so one little mistake could mean that you are going to have to work on getting the pattern back all over again.

Instead, try preserving any patterns that you create by ironing them onto a fusible interfacing fabric. This is not only a stronger fabric, it also means that the pattern is better preserved for any future use you might have in mind.

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