Up – Cycle Garden Shade With Awning Fabric

Restore Revive and Re-use  Many sheds and gardens have tired old garden furniture laying around gathering dust, or maybe your’re just tired of your garden furniture and want a change. You may have a gazebo in need of repair or a parasol that needs patching up, don’t throw it out! up-cycle it. Now is the … Continue reading “Up – Cycle Garden Shade With Awning Fabric”

Whats the Story Awning Glory.

What is Awning Fabric? The awning material we use is made from 100% acrylic fibre, a synthetic fibre made up from polymer. Acrylic fibre can be made into thick fluffy wool like yarn or even transformed into fake fur fabric.      The acrylic fibre used for our awnings is tightly woven into a durable … Continue reading “Whats the Story Awning Glory.”

Awning Fabric for your Home or Business

Our range The first thing to say about our Fabric UK awning range is how huge it is. When counting up the colour and pattern choices of our awning fabric the total came to 218.  We have 12 ranges of awning fabric with each range having colour and pattern variations from soft and neutral to … Continue reading “Awning Fabric for your Home or Business”

Awning Fabric for Your Garden

Awing Fabric Awning fabric, Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could transform your garden into something like the Botanical gardens located near us in Birmingham? Summer season is on our doorstep so we’re just in time to help you get your outdoor home geared up for Sunday afternoons of lounging in the sun. First step … Continue reading “Awning Fabric for Your Garden”

Evenings and Mornings – You Need Awnings

Even though temperatures are falling, it is never too early to start thinking about the warmer days ahead and turn our thoughts to awnings. Not only do they provide shade to decks or patios, they can also be used for a number of ways outside the home as well as on the High Street. Top … Continue reading “Evenings and Mornings – You Need Awnings”

Digital Print Base Fabrics

New in digital print fabrics ! With the growing trend of digital textile printing onto fabrics; demand has increased for promotional wear, corporate branding, visual communication, flags, banners, and retails graphics. We have a full range of Digital print fabrics which can be printed onto directly using a suitable inkjet printer. All fabrications are inherently … Continue reading “Digital Print Base Fabrics”

100% Shetland Wool Upholstery

100% Shetland Wool – Glen Mhor collection a vibrant new range of Upholstery & Soft Furnishing fabrics in 11 spectacular colourways in popular plaid designs. These exquisite fabrics will enliven any room décor with the beauty and warmth of real wool. Top For help and advice please call us on Tel: 0121 359 2349 Free … Continue reading “100% Shetland Wool Upholstery”

Waterproof Water Repellent or Water Resistant?

Rain is part and parcel of living in England, yet we are in a constant battle to control its effects. As much as we appreciate the rain we do have to protect ourselves and our property against it. From a flurry of pleasant summer rain to storms that destroy coastal homes, there is a fabric available to … Continue reading “Waterproof Water Repellent or Water Resistant?”

Drill Calico Fabric

Heavy Duty Calico Drill calico is a more heavyweight fabric than the regular option, this particular calico has a weight of 240gm per square metre. It’s a 3 by 1 weave, the technical term for this is 3110 calico. Our drill calico has a very taut structure and a close weave, showing the classic fine … Continue reading “Drill Calico Fabric”