Bituminised Hessian Kraft Paper Backing

Bituminised Hessian Kraft paper

Bituminised Hessian Kraft paper ,this traditional rough open weave hessian fabric uses bitumen to achieve an extremely watertight protective covering. The black bitumen coating lays in-between the hessian fabric and the brown backing paper to create a fabric that will withstand vigorous and repetitive outdoor use.


Bitumen is the English term for asphalt, a naturally occurring material that can be refined into a viscous semi liquid used for road production. 

Like our other jute hessian products, the hessian in this eco friendly fabric is completely biodegradable, as is the paper backing, of course the bitumen will stick around a little longer.

The waterproofing properties of bitumen are relied upon to protect boats, to seal roofing and to coat buildings. Alone the bitumen will suffice as a very efficient sealant but adding the hessian fabric on top of a layer of bitumen creates an even tougher surface area that can then be wrapped around or placed near the area that needs protecting, rather than painting bitumen on items.


Due to the waterproof properties working with the extra grip of the rough hessian this fabric can be used for temporary flooring from mats to larger surface areas. Useful inside and outside marquees and tents, it’s very handy for camping when there may be bare earth or mud around the campsite, or for outside festival food stalls and bars.


Agricultural and industrial uses include around garden centres, greenhouses, farms and building sites. When moving from indoors to outdoors, the hessian will collect a certain amount of water and mud on the rough surface, plus the course textured surface creates traction to prevent slipping.

  • Watertight
  • Weatherproof
  • Safe grip for walking
  • Biodegradable and eco friendly
  • Natural product

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