Digital Print Base Fabrics

New in! With the growing trend of digital textile printing onto fabrics; demand has increased for promotional wear, corporate branding, visual communication, flags, banners, and retails graphics.

We have a full range of Digital printing bases which can be printed onto directly using a suitable inkjet printer. All fabrications are inherently flame retardant and conforms to British Standards for flame retardancy.

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All bases are 100% polyester in plain white. Fabrics are great for upholstery and can be used for curtains, Roman blinds, cushions and many furnishings. 

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For help and advice please call us on Tel: 0121 359 2349

Discharge Printing Fabrics

Popular in the 19th century, discharge printing fabrics involves removing dye from fabric to create a print.


Discharge printing is related to dyeing, but it is a slightly different process. It refers to a technique of creating prints on fabrics where a bleaching agent is applied, which removes some or all of the dye. Continue reading “Discharge Printing Fabrics”

For help and advice please call us on Tel: 0121 359 2349