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Fabrics May Soon be Smarter than You

When you find out more about smart fabrics, they may start to sound like something out of a sci-fi movie. As technology develops we will be able to use smart fabrics sooner than you might think. Although the academics who have pioneered it claim that they won’t be available commercially for at least twenty years yet the technology behind smart fabrics could be developed tomorrow if a company thinks there is a market for it.

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Fabric Rotary Screen Printing Process

The various designs of our everyday clothing go through many different types of printing processes. There are many different types of fabric printing processes from basic hand printing (batik) to sophisticated multi-colour discharge printing processes. But as mentioned in the title in this article I am going to discuss about the common printing process in the UK of rotary screen printing.

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Summer 2013 New Fabrics for Parties and Weddings

Part wear fabric

Good news for all our customers, new party dress fabrics for summer have been added to our product lines. Amazing colours and eye-catching fabrics are all you need for parties and exhibitions this summer. The luxurious feel and look of material will give you a distinct personality in parties or exhibitions. A large new summer collection for a low price that you can afford. » Read more..

Summer Fabrics Collection

Fabrics can be categorised in many ways, e.g. dress fabrics, outdoor and display. Similarly it can be categorised by seasons, like winter collection, summer collection, autumn collection, etcetera. In this article I am going to shed light on the summer fabrics collection. » Read more..

Fabric Preparation Process For Orders

Here at Fabric UK cutting and preparation of fabric for order is done professionally, by our expert team using different type of fabric machines, tools and packing materials.

Cutting fabric

Depending on the nature of the fabrics and customers demands, fabrics can be cut manually. However, most of the time we use our fabric rolling machine to send nicely rolled, accurately measured and neatly cut fabric to our customers. » Read more..

Featured Works Using Our Material

Fabric UK proudly supply fabrics to a large number of manufacturing and production companies. Many companies use our fabrics in different types finishing products such as coats, jackets, different types of cloths and costumes etc. » Read more..