Flammable Fabric Facts

Why are Certain Fabrics More Flammable?

When looking at the list of the most flammable household fabrics, there is a clear reason why these fabrics are responsible for so many fires. The common denominator is a basic compound used to produce the fabric called cellulose.

flames image Fire Retardant Fabrics

Even though these fabrics may vary in look and feel, they are all manufactured using cellulose fibre so on a base level, their structure and formation are very similar. Find out more about which popular fabrics have the highest level of flammability and what you can do to drastically reduce the danger.

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Fire Retardant Spray Usage

Here at FabricUK we often have customers asking us about their projects and how to make sure that they’re fire-safe. There are two options, you either use a fire-retardant material or treat the material you intend to use with fire retardant chemicals. A lot of customers aren’t able to change the fabric in their project and so they turn to treating fabric themselves.

Treating fabric with fire retardant chemicals is actually a lot easier than you first might think. There’s no soaking or curing, just apply a fine mist with a spray bottle, let it dry, and you’re done.

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Fire Retardant Fabric Explained

Inherent fire retardant (IFR) and back-coated (NDFR), are the two standards for fire retardant fabrics. With IFR being durable and NDFR being non-durable.

For inherent fire retardant (IFR) the fabric is woven using modern day fire retardant yarns, rated for durable, hard wearing, repetitive commercial uses; where washing is key criteria for not losing the fire retardant standards required.





Not all fabric qualities can achieve IFR standard due to the practical availability of IFR yarns, in this instance, we can back-coat and spray any fabric with chemicals to fire ratings. Fire retardant sprays are 100% durable for up to 10 washes maximum, however, they have the advantage of being applied to any fabric. Continue reading “Fire Retardant Fabric Explained”

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