Olfa Rotary Cutting Tools

olfa rotary fabric cutterMade in Osaka, Japan, land of the Samurai…where they know about the blade! OLFA manufacture the finest in hand-held cutting technology and replacement blades, Introduced by OLFA in 1979, the Olfa rotary cutter has changed the quilting and sewing industry. 45mm Cutter is the most popular size available, this cutter features a blade safety cover and handle is designed to reduce hand fatigue.

The cutter has a rolling razor blade used to cut fabrics into shapes, strips and pieces for sewing, quilting and craft projects. Olfa Rotary Cutters Accommodate both right and left handed users and can cut through multiple layers of fabric at one time. Continue reading “Olfa Rotary Cutting Tools”

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Fabric Metre Guidelines

We sell fabric by the metre; a term called Linear Metre which is sometimes confused with square metres where the latter relates more to how carpet is sold. You would be amazed how many people ask us every day how we sell fabrics. Continue reading “Fabric Metre Guidelines”

For help and advice please call us on Tel: 0121 359 2349