Sewing The Zigzag Stitch

A couple of weeks back we looked at the basics of sewing in a straight line, which is something that we hope everybody how is just starting out with the sewing machine found useful. This week we are going to make things a little bit more complicated and examine how you can sew a zigzag stitch into your fabric. Continue reading “Sewing The Zigzag Stitch”

Using Your Sewing Machine to Sew a Straight Line

As part of our series on learning how to sew using a sewing machine, we are now going to be look at the basics of actually using your machine. Assuming you have become acquainted with your sewing machine, here we will be taking a look at how to tackle the most basic skill in machine sewing, so you need not worry about damaging any of your fabrics.

Continue reading “Using Your Sewing Machine to Sew a Straight Line”