Using Fabrics For Backdrops, Banners and Exhibitions

Choosing the right fabrics for your exhibition or any other staged event is vitally important. Select the wrong ones and you run the risk of your event coming off as cheap, which in turn can lead to potential visitors deciding to give your exhibition stands a miss. A lot goes into the design of a great stand and it is means the merging of everything from the company’s marketing message through to the branding and the materials used to create the stand in the first place.

All of this combines to form the first impression on the visitor, so we thought we would provide a little bit of help with at least one of these factors. Backdrops, photography screens and much more can be incorporated into an exhibition stand. Continue reading “Using Fabrics For Backdrops, Banners and Exhibitions”

Keeping you cool: Top Ten Fabrics for Summer Clothing

Summer is on its way and we are already feeling the heat thanks to what appears to be one of the warmest Aprils in recent memory if early indications are anything to go by. With the warmer weather comes a complete change in wardrobe, which the ardent fabric lover will relish as an opportunity to try out a few new designs to add to their summer clothes collection. With the heat most definitely on, it is crucial that you choose the right fabrics for your project, so here we aim to look at the top ten materials that are perfect for summer clothing. Continue reading “Keeping you cool: Top Ten Fabrics for Summer Clothing”

New Materials at Fabric UK in April

We have a whole host of brand new fabrics here at Fabric UK this month, so we though we would shine a spotlight on some of the most popular so you can determine how you might be able to use them as part of your latest project.

Harris Tweed

Harris Tweed ImageMade using pure virgin wool, Harris Tweed is perfect for adding a unique touch to one of your products and is created to strict quality standards. Made by islanders in the Outer Hebrides, it has a unique quality to it that most other fabrics aren’t able to match and it is definitely worth a little further investigation.

A range of top brands already make use of Harris Tweed, including Topman and Hugo Boss, but it is perhaps most impressive for the fact that each batch is created by hand. Woven on a treadle loom before being cleansed of any impurities, Harris Tweed is also individually inspected before being given the seal of approval, which ensures that you get a great batch of fabric every time. It is also available in a wide range of colours, which ensures you can get whatever you need for your latest project. Continue reading “New Materials at Fabric UK in April”