How to Wash Your Curtains

The curtains are an oft-neglected aspect of the house when cleaning is undertaken. While some may beat them to get rid of dust, it is comparatively rare that people will go to the effort of washing them properly. After all, it’s not like they get covered in dirt on a regular basis.

This means that Curtainsif they do end up getting dirty for whatever reason, many people don’t know where to start when it comes to giving them a good wash. With this article we aim to provide a few tips that can be used should you find yourself in this situation.

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New Materials at Fabric UK This Month

As always we at Fabric UK are doing our utmost to provide our customers with the widest range of fabrics available. Because of this we are always updating our product range and we have a host of new fabrics available for customers this month.


Bianca FabricBianca is a luxurious fabric that is made from a blend of more traditional fabrics. The material consists of a quarter each of cotton, linen, polyester and viscose and uses the best qualities from each to make a gorgeous and durable fabric.

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