How To Create Shade Cards

Do you have customers who need to know all of the colours you have? Do you need to show your superiors what’s available? Well, a professional looking and convenient solution is a shade card. The following article is going to demonstrate how we create shade cards for our customers, hopefully this is of use to some of you.


You’ll required the following for this guide:

  • Small cuts of each fabric colour you have (around 3cm x 5cm)
  • Strong card, with a square cut out for each fabric sample (we use pre-cut)
  • Double-sided tape (preferably of the strong variety)
  • A roller is recommended, but not required.
  • A sharp knife, such as a Stanley knife, is recommended, but not required.

Fabric Cuts

Your cuts of fabric should be just larger than the holes in the card sheet, allowing it to stick firmly.

Card Sheet

We use pre-cut and folded sheets for our shade cards, which allows us to do this quite easily, you could however fashion these cards yourself if you’re only in need of a small amount. To accomplish you’d need pieces of card twice the size of what you wish to display as, so if you wanted your shades on an A4 piece, you’d need A3 card, as you’ll be folding it in half.

You would then need to measure up and cut out your own holes, with a stanley blade or equivalent. And the finally on the last step where we stick on our cover sheet, instead of the hinge being on the main piece of card, you would simply fold a second piece of A3 card, and stick the whole main section to one side of it.


Step 1

First of all you need to lay down your piece of card with holes face-down on your working surface. You now need to line this piece of card with double side tape, do your best to completely cover it to make it sticky on as much of its surface area as possible. This will ensure that your shade card is sturdy.

Step 2

After you’ve lined your card with double-sided tape, you will need to remove the protective layer from the double-sided tape, exposing the sticky substance.

Step 3

You now need to lay your fabric selection down on the sheet. Remember to lay your fabric face down, as it will be seen through the holes on the card later on. You need to ensure that your fabric is sticking securely to the double-sided tape that has been placed previously, this will stop is coming loose later on.

Step 4

Now that your fabric is placed, you should put pieces of double side tape across the back of them, to make that side sticky again. Before removing the protective backing, we recommend rolling over the tape with a roller to ensure an even placement. Remove the protective backing of the double-sided tape.

Step 5

Fold over your current piece of card, this will close the shade card permanently, so ensure that you’re finished adding in fabrics at this point. Once the card is folded over and closed, we recommend rolling over this with a roller, to ensure a secure fastening.

Step 6 (Optional)

To further protect your shade cards or for presentation purposes you can add an optional cover to this shade card. We use pre-made and pre-cut sheets to accomplish for ourselves, and simply affix them with double-sided tape. If you’re using hand-made solutions, you’d be best to use an entire piece of card for this section, and just line one entire half with double-sided tape, then sticking the whole shade card to it.


After all of these steps, you should have a shade card that is sturdy and presentable.

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