Fire Retardant Spray Usage

Here at FabricUK we often have customers asking us about their projects and how to make sure that they’re fire-safe. There are two options, you either use a fire-retardant material or treat the material you intend to use with fire retardant chemicals. A lot of customers aren’t able to change the fabric in their project and so they turn to treating fabric themselves.

Treating fabric with fire retardant chemicals is actually a lot easier than you first might think. There’s no soaking or curing, just apply a fine mist with a spray bottle, let it dry, and you’re done.


In an effort to show our customers just how effective this product is, we tested some in-house. Our tests went very well even on quite flammable fabrics.

Hessian Fabric

We tested fire retardant spray on Hessian fabric, a very popular fabric.

Black Sheeting

We tested fire retardant spray on black Sheeting fabric, which is quite thin and susceptible to fire.

White Sheeting

In our last test, we tried white Sheeting fabric, which is just as thin as the black sheeting but will show up burn marks much more.


We stock fire retardant spray here at FabricUK and will be happy to give advice on anything related to the product, to view our selection of sprays please click: Fire Retardant Spray.

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