Develop Your Product With Fabric UK

Starting From Scratch

So you have a great idea and want to run with it, what now?

  • Create a detailed product design 
  • Source the materials needed 
  • Have a prototype made

We will help kick-start your project and work with you to build your idea up  to production level, and even produce the items for you. If your product can be created with our expertise, we will stick with you through the whole process, from sketching out your idea and producing your first batch, to working closely with your business as a regular supplier and producer of your products.

product design for fabrics

Together, our fabric experts will use our knowledge bank to get to grips with your idea, make suggestions and ensure the project stays withing your budget and is comes to life exactly how you visualised it.



Finding Your Fabric

If your product calls for fabric of any kind, we will endeavour to find the best option to fit the product requirements. We may have exactly what you need in stock with now. If not, we can easily source the fabric you need or in some cases we can actually have fabric made specifically for you! If you need to match a particular shade, we even have a fabric dying service so you can get the colour just right. 

green shades of waterproof polyester fabric

With our fabric knowledge will will determine what fabric will match your needs, whether your product is made entirely from fabric or a small integral part of it.

rip stop waterproof polyester

On many occasions a client may only have a vague idea of what kind of fabric is needed for the job, we can show you options you may not have been aware of and how to use the fabric for the best results.  


Specialist Fabric Needs

Once we find your fabric, we can get going with the production or if you need any extra work on you fabric, there are several options available.

roll of navy blue neoprene fabric

  • Dying                                          
  •  Cutting
  •  Stitching
  • Printing
  • Quilting
  • Fire retardant treatment


Fabric Dying

You may need to match company colours  or shades for a clothing range. Whatever the reason, if you need to match your fabric to a particular shade, we have a fabric dying service available so you can get the colour just right.   To produce the colour you need, we can work from computer colour codes or a physical item to get it spot on. 

bright dyed hessian fabric








Cutting out a Design

fabric cutting service apron shape

The cutting machinery we use is designed to work on individual or large batches of fabric, so if you have a huge order to get cut in record time, just hand it over to us.  

Stitching it Together

Our skilled textiles team are always busy on many varied projects for individuals and businesses of all sizes. A stitching job could range from a set of clothing to a huge marquee, and everything in between! However tricky the job may seem, our textiles team have a wealth of practical experience to put to work on your products.  

Print your Design 

fabric printing birmingham

If you want to plaster your company logo over merchandise of any kind, T shirts, bags, or larger items like tents, banners and awnings for shop premises or market stalls, we can certainly sort that for you. We will work closely with you and the printers to make sure all the details are carried over correctly and the colours are just what you wanted.

Have Your Fabric Quilted

cerise waterproof 4 oz quilted fabric

If there is a large enough quantity of fabric to work with, we can quilt your fabric with a classic box design, diamond design or a pattern of your choice. We have polyester wadding in various thicknesses to pad out the fabric, or you could use the the quilt stitching as part of your fabric design. 

Fire Retardant Coating
fire retardant fabric service

We stock a wide range of fire retardant fabrics, but if your chosen fabric isn’t in store as a fire retardant option we can bring it up to British safety standards by putting your bulk order through a professional fire retardant  process to give a long lasting fire retardant coating.  

Promise We Wont Tell

We understand that to produce your idea we need to know all about the in depth details your would prefer to keep under wraps. This is why we are more than happy to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement to ensure your product details wont go any further. 

If you think we can be of use in any step of making your new product come to life, tell us all about your idea and give us a call to get the ball rolling. Hope to hear from you soon!




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