Celebrating The Tour De Yorkshire With Bunting!

Celebrating the Tour De Yorkshire

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Today I will be talking about Tour De Yorkshire, but from a different perspective. I will be concentrating on one woman, her generous work with the people in her local community, and what they did with 160 metres of fabric for the preparation and celebration of the Tour De Yorkshire. But first, a little information about this English version of the famous race.

Cycling the Yorkshire Dales

In 2014 Tour de France moved a leg of their tour to England to race through the Yorkshire dales. the race was nicknames Tour De Yorkshire This was such a success with cyclists and fans that it was kept as an official race and is in its 3rd year.


cycling the Tour De Yorkshire

Why Yellow and Sky Blue?

The cycling tour’s colours are bright sky blue and sunny yellow. These colours are creatively displayed all over towns and villages that the cyclists whizz through.

bunting over cycling the Tour De Yorkshire


The Yorkshire population are extremely proud of the success of the race and this pride is clearly displayed in the creative and fun decorations all through the towns involved.

yellow bike blue bear

Even the local council have donated many broken bikes to be painted in yellow and blue, instead of destroying them, to add to the all the other old and broken bikes the towns people have transformed into points humorous and imaginative of display.

Yorkshire council blue and yellow bikes







The cheerful shades used to promote and celebrate the Tor De Yorkshire are taken directly from Yorkshires flag which was designed in the 1960s. The flag depicts the white rose of Yorkshire with a bright yellow centre, surrounded by a bright sky blue. The acres of yellow rapeseed flowers the cyclists ride through are clearly an inspiration for the colour choice too. Of course another reason for the use of yellow is a nod to the iconic yellow jerseys of the original Tour De France race. 

Yorkshire flag

yellow man on bike decoration yorkshire




yellow and sky blue for tour de Yorkshire


Cheering crowds wave flags and banners decorated in sky blue and yellow colours as the cyclists ride under miles and miles of traditional bunting.

 Helping a  Community 

It’s this bright bunting which is the focus of the blog, along with a charitable lady who helped towards making five miles of the bunting with teams of locals. Mrs Edwina Anderson, from the town of Richmond in North Yorkshire does her bit by getting different groups in the community involved in the preparation for the race, for fun and for community spirit. 

yellow and blue buntingEdwina called us up last month for a very large amount of fabric to literally make miles of bunting out of. We discussed the colours needed and how the fabric would fare outdoors in all weather then we decided on our lining fabric as the bunting would only be up for a week or so and although its not water proof it didn’t matter too much ifit got rained on.

The lining fabric  is also very easy to cut, shape and sew, so it would be a straightforward job for all the different groups she was working with. Clearly not a one person job, Edwina combined the efforts of local groups she is involved with. 



“The group has come together from the community of Colburn to do bunting and an art project for the tour De Yorkshire which will pass through Richmond and Catterick on the 5th May. People of all ages have worked together in making bunting and flowers.”


Edwina combined the local women’s institute club and creative groups from young children to elderly in a race to make five miles of yellow white and blue bunting for the Tour De Yorkshire.  Edwina has been involved in these local groups for a number of years, so with all her group experience it seemed a great idea to get them all involved in making the miles of bunting!

The bunting was finished and put up in time for the three day race which was one by Yorkshire cyclist Lizzie Deignan. 

If you have a party, wedding or festival to decorate, fabric bunting is a great way to add impact without breaking the bank. Look out for the next blog with info of the history of bunting and creative ideas. 


















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