Waxed Fabrics

Waxed fabric are a type of fabric that has been put through a process of wax treatment. Waxing the fabric makes it waterproof and ideal for outdoor wear, fashion, style, equestrienne, commercial and military use.

It has taken centuries of handed down skills of testing and refinement to produce a waxed finished fabric to its current high quality.

The idea of waxed cotton fabric came about in early 19th century in the high seas where sailors needed to create a simple over garment or smocks to protect themselves against the elements of windy seas and icy sea spray. They used old sail cloths that were made of linen fabric which was treated with linseed oil. This simple treatment protected the fabric and making it waterproof.

During the 19th and 20th centuries new technical knowledge was discovered and new innovative textile ideas brought new treatments doing away with linseed oil to linen fabric, and introducing paraffin wax treatment onto 100% cotton fabrics.

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