Vinyl and Leatherette Collections.

Our Range

We have a vast range of vinyl and leatherette fabric available here at Fabric UK to fit a range of creative and functional needs. The vinyls and leatherette come in a range of weights. The thinner of the vinyls are more suitable for clothing as weight makes the fabric more manageable to cut and shape. The thicker vinyls are ideal for upholstery projects whether its for customising your car seats to creating a retro dinner look for your kitchen.

blue leatherette and vinyl fabric


There is rather a lot to choose from in our plain leatherette and vinyl range. We have 18 categories of plain leatherette, ranging in quality,thickness and uses. Stretch leatherette, fire retardant, foam backed are just a few. Check our website for the full range, but here are some recommendations below..

Just Colour

This collection of leatherette fabric boast a very large range of strong colours, 32 colours to chose from to be precise. The finish of this leatherette is one of the smoothest we have, it still carries the classic leather look texture but finer than other other ranges.

just colour leatherette 1just colour leatherette 2just colour leatherette 3just colour leatherette 4

Marine Elite

This range of leatherette has anti fungal and anti mildew properties within the fabric, and with its UV resistant qualities this fabric is perfect for use on boats, yacht, ferries band lifeboats, or other vehicles that endure the outside extremes.

Rainbow Range

Fire retardant vinyl with a classic worn leather texture in a large range of colours. The vinyl is laminated onto a knitted cotton backing fabric, making it easy to use for all sorts of projects.

Metro Vinyl  

Metro vinyl is a new range of high spec vinyl used very often on large contract for hospitals, clinics and doctors surgeries. The vinyl incorporates an anti-microbial and anti fungal additive within the fabric, to protect from heath risks in areas where cleanliness is imperative.

Leatherette Vinyl Fire Retardant


This leatherette fabric almost fits in a category of its own, not quite plain in colour, with textured detailing the overall finish of the fabric. Ranchero leatherette carries natural looking blotching and graduated tone using the same colour throughout but with shade variances, mimicking the attractive look real leather gains from years of use.

Heavy Embossed Textured

Our range of elaborate textured vinyl and leatherette has a much more detailed look and feel to the fabric than the classic textured vinyl and leatherette ranges.


stingray fabric brights   stingray fabric deep tones

A very interesting vinyl fabric both visually textually. The raised bubbly finish gives an irresistible tactile quality and the colours have a metallic sheen over the top of the texture to define the 3D fabric further, which gives some of the shades a two tone quality. Available in a range of bright and deep shades.


ostrich fabric     ostrich bagostrich car seats


This leatherette mimics the puckered look of ostrich skin; the finish is soft in a range of muted tones.

Snake Skin

    faux snakeskin fabric 

snakeskin arnchair  snakeskin cowboy boots  faux snake skin handbag

Obviously it’s better to appreciate fur, feathers or skin on the living animal and use a good quality synthetic fabric version to create a look that represents the natural beauty of animals.Our Snake Skin fabric range has a very life like look and feel, especially the natural warm brown shades. Though I particularly like the rich turquoise and purple tones, these would make great vinyl skirts or accessories.

Glitter, Gloss and Metallic

Techno Look

techno look vinyl leatherette etched circles techno look vinyl leatherette mesh effect

Techno Look vinyl boasts a fantastic collection of vinyl in metallic and black choices. The range concentrates heavily on interesting embossed patters, some resulting in an almost 3D effect in the look and feel of the fabric. These patterns range from smart lines, rippled effect, cascading swirl and even a highly metallic Prince of Wales weave look!

High gloss Vinyl

Perfectly smooth with a mirror like ultra-shine. When flat on the colours of these gloss vinyls are bold and bright, when light catches the fabric it reflects in a striking white reflection, sleek and stunning.

High Gloss Glitter Vinyl

high gloss glitter vinyl fabric

 red glitter vinyl bagglitter vinyl retro dinner seat   pink glitter vinyl retro seat

All the shine of our high gloss vinyl, but with the added sparkle of tightly packed glitter within the thick clear gloss coating, this keeps the surface completely smooth to the touch. Like the classic gloss this fabric would be ideal for retro inspired dinning suites, or contemporary designs for clubs and bars. Handbags and accessories look also fantastic in this mega glittery fabric.




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