Translucent Opaque Transparent Fabric

Translucent fabrics

In Simple Terms; See only shadows visible behind the fabrics

Light weight fabrics soft feeling and having a lot of drape, majority of translucent fabrics are made of polyester mix, but can also come in 100% cotton mull and cotton lawn cloth or swiss cotton.

Typical Translucent fabric applications, Display purposes to show back light and visible effects of creative lighting.
A good choice of fabric to use, if want to create shadows or silhouettes in still or artistic motion.

An ideal fabric for a budget projection screen rear projection or front projection, you can achieve projecting images onto a large surface area without breaking the bank.

A good cheap way of using translucent fabrics to get a large format projection screen.

See below a list of fabric we offer for these applications

Opaque Fabrics

In simple terms not been able to see through the fabric

Fabrics that will not let light pass through would be considered opaque fabric

Transparent Fabric

See right through the fabric


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