Wide Width Fire Retardant Calico

Most public events like food and drink fairs or music and arts events usually need to be checked by health and safety officials, so using fire retardant fabric is often expected in these situations. The larger three metre width, strength and durability of our fire retardant the fabric makes it perfect for use with event designs, you can drape the fabric or cover a large space without having to see seams and joins in the fabric. Theatre props could also benefit from extra wide calico for as the fabric can be painted on easily to create backdrop scenery that will still adhere to health and safety regulations.

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Canvas Hopsack Fabric

An extremely tough and hard wearing medium to heavyweight type of canvas made from 100% cotton and constructed using a hopsack weave. The thicker weft and weave creates a very firm and taut structure weighing around 10oz per square meter.

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Italian Melton Wool Fabric

Italian Melton Wool

The history of Melton wool making goes back hundreds of years in England, Scotland and wales.  Melton wool was first produced in the Lancashire town of Melton Mowbray. The town and surrounding areas became a hub for the popular wool production, which was used by people from all walks of life from necessities like blankets to luxuries like fitted coats.

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Winterproof your pets!

Winter proof your pets!

The days are chilly, evenings starting at 3 pm  and when wind and rain team up it can feel like they are bulling you into giving in and staying at home. Don’t! Winter walks with your dogs can be a lot of fun, you just need to make sure you are both well protected from the elements then head outdoors for a mini winter adventure!

Be Safe Be Seen

fluorescent fleece fabric

Early morning walkies in pitch black?  Make sure you are visible to traffic, cyclists and other people, whether you live in quieter countryside or a busy city. Just by wearing a jacket or waistcoat made from florescent fabric you will increase you and your pet’s visibility by a huge amount, giving drivers more time to move out of your way. We have high visibility fabric available in waterproof to keep you dry, fleecy to keep you warm and even quilted waterproof to do both jobs at the same time!

Looking Good

purple tartan fabric

Want to smarten up for a Saturday morning coffee with your four legged friend in tow? Or meeting up with someone for a doggy date? There are loads of doggy jacket options out there but why not make one yourself or even better, a matching pair for you and your pet that will certainly be a conversation starter! Our of all the fabric options, our favourite here is tartan. Available in cute pinks, bold sparkly bright to traditional rich greens, pop in to see the range and get you and your pet tartened up!

Go Camo

camouflage quilted waterproof fabric

Camouflage fabric, originally made to keep you hidden but there is some great camo clothing out there that needs to be seen. Urban or countryside, classic green camo looks great on all sorts of clothing, so why not get your pets kitted out in camo.  For really practical camo, we have waterproof camo patterns in quilted, waxed cotton, waterproof PU fabric and heavy duty cordura. Or for days where rain isn’t an issue, 100% cotton camo it ideal for pets.  The breathable nature of cotton means the cotton will keep your dog (or cat or horse) warm but still let their skin breathe.

Get Quilted!

pink waterproof quilted fabricOur quilted collection comes in a range of fabrics, all fully stitch quilted with hollow fibre wadding inside. We have water proof PU fabric which is lightweight and protects against showers, antique waxed quilted cotton for a more robust finish which will withstand torrential downpours and muddy excursions!

For a softer feel poly cotton in quilted is ideal for pet bedding and lightweight pet coats, soft to sleep on plus it can be washed on a cool  temperature when it gets too messy. Quilted suedette is a smart choice for  doggy waistcoats,  on dry chilly days it will help to protect form windy weather, and  our quilted leatherette can also come in handy for car seat covers and car boot protection, the padded interior adds comfort whilst the leatherette is wipe clean and looks great in a car interior.

Fleece Fabrics

waterproof micro fleece

Next up for our functional fleeces,
Breathable Waterproof Micro fleece.
This high tech super clever fabric consists of three layers.
*top layer is a ultra fine soft micro fleece
*middle layer a waterproof lining*bottom layer a perforated breathable fabric
ideal for sporting activities, the fabric allows keeps the body warm and dry whist letting excess heat escape so or your four legged friend wont don’t feel clammy whilst going for a run!

breathable waterproof micro fleece

The surface of this functional fleece fabric feels very smooth and soft, underneath the fabric is teamed with a waterproof lay which in itself looks very cool. The waterproof layer has a soft metallic sheen to it, the navy has a soft metallic navy waterproof side and the black has a soft silver waterproof side.
The fabric is designed to be used for outdoor active wear, so the fleece is thinner than average so there is more movement in the garment. This fabric would work well in drizzle to heavy showers , but best kept to slightly warmer months, Spring through to Autumn. For doggie jackets though,this fabric would still be good for quick walkies rather than epic country hikes in the rain!

Antique Waxed Fabric

Classic British country style, very functional very smart. Traditionally this fabric was used for outdoor clothing for country pursuits such as horse riding, hunting, shooting and fishing. The fabric is able to withstand prolonged exposure to the elements which is why it suits country pursuits where you will be outside for a long time.

waxed cotton fabric

The waxed jacket gained fans outside the rural parts of Britain for its iconic country look and its popularity grew from what was first a necessary functional garment to more of a style choice.
The fabric is made from 100% cotton which is then coated with a paraffin based wax. This coating gives excellent protection from rain, sleet, snow, hail, sea spray and muddy splashes! 
Although its mainly seen on people, this fabric and its quilted variety are also used on horses and dogs jackets to keep them cosy and dry and looking good at the same time.


Protection from the rain, wind, chilly mornings,muddy splashes and the fabric has a very classic country style look. Smart and extremely practical, this hard wearing waxed cotton is most often seen on jackets, rucksacks and satchels for hardy outdoor use. This quilted version adds extra protection and comfort to the wearer, whether that’s you, your dog or your horse! Equine use of this fabric has boomed recently. The properties of this fabric make an attractive choice for horse coats. The fabric is ready backed with a smooth waterproof lining, so to make a jacket for your horse, dog, cat or hamster you just need to finish off along the sides to neaten up the coat and its done.

Fabric aimed at Pets ! this multi functional fabric boasts lots of useful qualities. The quilted structure incorporates 2oz hollow fibre wadding for comfort and warmth. The fabric used on the surface is a light waterproof polyester, so its easy to wipe clean. This means the fabric is ideal for messy dog situations! The fabric can be used for making dog coats for when the weather gets a little too chilly
(like now) just choose a fabric to line the padded wadding and stitch together for a coat.
Any mud spatters will wipe off easily so this fabric can also be used for larger pet projects like car boot protectors, or indoor play areas.

Feeling Furry?

feeling furry competition

Feeling Furry competition
Fabric UK are holding a month long competition to win fabric.
We want pictures of your furry creations! Whether clothing, upholstering or decoration we will pick the craziest of the bunch to win…
1st prize £50 fabric voucher
2nd prize £30 fabric voucher
3rd prize £15 fabric voucher

magic door events furry fabric
Connoisseur of fabulous fabric Deano Ferrino from Behind the Curtain, Festival Booth and Magic Door will be co judging your furry fantasies with me and will pick the winners on the 7th August.
So if you have been planning to get a bit furry, you have a month from now to fix up your fab furry feature piece!
Send your images to me on

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/FabricUK/

or kat@kbt.co.uk

Good luck furry friends!

Cotton Calico

There is a city in the southern Indian state of Kerala known as Kozhikode in the local Malayalam language. Colonised successively by the Arabs, Portuguese, Dutch, French and British, it is also perhaps better known outside India by its English name Calicut and is the place that gave its name to a variety of cotton known as calico. Calico is a fabric designed from unbleached cotton, using a plain weave and a low thread count.

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Fabric Rotary Screen Printing Process

The various designs of our everyday clothing go through many different types of printing processes. There are many different types of fabric printing processes from basic hand printing (batik) to sophisticated multi-colour discharge printing processes. But as mentioned in the title in this article I am going to discuss about the common printing process in the UK of rotary screen printing.

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