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Summer Fabrics Collection

Fabrics can be categorised in many ways, e.g. dress fabrics, outdoor and display. Similarly it can be categorised by seasons, like winter collection, summer collection, autumn collection, etcetera. In this article I am going to shed light on the summer fabrics collection. » Read more..

Fabric Preparation Process For Orders

Here at Fabric UK cutting and preparation of fabric for order is done professionally, by our expert team using different type of fabric machines, tools and packing materials.

Cutting fabric

Depending on the nature of the fabrics and customers demands, fabrics can be cut manually. However, most of the time we use our fabric rolling machine to send nicely rolled, accurately measured and neatly cut fabric to our customers. » Read more..

Featured Works Using Our Material

Fabric UK proudly supply fabrics to a large number of manufacturing and production companies. Many companies use our fabrics in different types finishing products such as coats, jackets, different types of cloths and costumes etc. » Read more..

Fabric UK Services Expanded To Dying

Here at Fabric UK we’re all about customer satisfaction and offering the best service we can. In that light, we’re now offering fabric dying services. So if you need fabric in a particular colour and you’re not confident in dying it yourself, we can help! Call us or email us to enquire.

Fabric UK Shipping To Ireland And France

We’re very happy to tell you all that Fabric UK is now offering shipping to France and Ireland, just be sure to select them under country as you’re shipping and you’ll be set. At the moment we’ve just added France and Ireland, however, over the next months we’ll be looking to expand it to more and more locations.

Weather Getting You Down? Try Waterproof Fabric

Dark Navy Waterproof Fabric

You may have noticed here in the UK that this spring has been very disappointing weather wise, with rain and snow filling our days. Well, we have the material for you! Our waterproof fabric will stand up to the harshest weather conditions and keep you dry in the worst of weather conditions. We stock more than 20 colours meaning you can fit almost any design.

From China To Birmingham

A container full of fabric.

Due to popular demand we at Fabric UK have taken in a new shipment of woven brocade. This fabric was made in China and sent by ship in a container, to our warehouse. This new shipment is available for purchase in the next few hours and should you be interested, it will be listed here: Brocade Fabrics. Woven brocade is popularly used in waistcoats and Chinese dresses.

We’ve ordered in a whole new selection of brocade fabric, we’ll be uploading them to the website later today. In celebration of the new shipment, we’re going to be holding a promotion. We’re going to be putting up the pictures of the new fabrics and there will be an opportunity to get some for free. Get ready!

Additional Services Available

At Fabric UK we don’t just sell fabrics. We offer services to various types of individuals and organisations.

Who can we help?

Teachers and Tutors

If you’re a teacher/tutor educating on subjects either directly or indirectly related to fabric, we’d like to help. We could allow you to bring your students around the warehouse to demonstrate the various types of fabric, we could set aside some space to allow you to educate your students on various crafting techniques and on top of this, we’re open to suggestions. » Read more..

Get Your Product Featured

All of our customers are welcome to contact us to have their products featured on our blog, provided they used our products to do it. We’re interested in what products people are making and we’re sure our readers would enjoy seeing them as well.

Just to encourage customers to participate, we’ll give you an exclusive discount of 6% off your next order.

Showing Classics And Fabric UK

Today we’re going to be promoting the work of one of our clients. The client we’re featuring today is Sharon Parr of Showing Classics, a business specialised in show riding wear and accessories.

The Item

Sharon used our quilted waterproof fabric and our tartan fabric to make a body warmer. This body warmer is lined with tartan, featuring a collar, two pockets and a bow on the back. » Read more..