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Vehicle Vinyl and Leatherette

Here at Fabric UK we really do aim to provide fabric for any job. Apart from or classic textiles range we have many varied collections of vinyl and leatherette, ideal for car and vehicle upholstering. From basic black leatherette in various textural qualities to slick gloss and glitter vinyl, you can re upholster to keep with the cars classic look or customise to whatever vision you have.

plain leaterettes

We have compiled a useful list of some of the most useful, popular and interesting vinyl leatherette so you can have a quick read through or just check out the images.

Soft Top Hooding Vinyl

soft top car hooding fabric

Weather resistant, non stretch, and flame retardant. A strong leatherette fabric manufactured for fold down soft top car hoods.

Perforated Headlining Leatherette 

perforated car headliner fabric

Car Headlining Fabric in beige, grey and black all with 2mm foam backing.

Techno look Leatherette Fabric

The ultimate vinyl leatherette collection for vehicle upholstery and detailing. We have nine vinyl leatherette’s in the collection in blacks and silvers ranging from soft to a very strong metallic.

The 1st is Etched Circles, a tactile vinyl with a shallow embossing of random overlapping small circles seemingly etched into the vinyl which cleverly catch the light at different points.

techno look etched circles    techno look mesh effect and carbon grid

The next two in the range are Techno Look Mesh Effect and Techno Look Carbon Grid. Both these fabrics give the impression of being a see through mesh. The Carbon Grid has a embossed surface in a silver hexagonal grid effect with a black background. This dual tone and texture causes the vinyl to look as if its two separate layers, as if a silver mesh is laid over a black background. The second, Techno Look Mesh Effect is a finer look mesh in a soft metallic silver shade.

Techno Look Check available in soft silver and black. This vinyl leatherette uses shallow embossing to make a simple and classic check design.

techno look checktechno look block stripe





Techno Look Block Stripe is a smart and uniform design using shallow embossing to make a pattern of very small blocks that appear to run in diagonal lines due to the light hitting the slightly different textures of the surface. This vinyl is available in three options black, gunmetal and silver.

Next in the collection is Techno Look Metallic Tweed. This Vinyl uses deep embossing to create a very shiny and metallic depiction of the classic Prince of Wales Tweed pattern! On paper it may sound odd, but trust me it looks really cool. Order a sample to see for yourself.

   Techno Look Metallic Tweed    techno look metallic silver leatherette

The utterly stunning Techno Look Silver Leatherette. Simply named, this fabric really is what it says, a very very metallic silver leatherette with a powerful shine and a true bright silver finish. The surface is textured to depict a classic used leather look which looks awesome juxtaposed with the bright silver. Order a sample to see how silvery it is!

Techno Look Metal Ripple is a deep embossed vinyl leatherette that creates a pleasing visual and textural effect which looks rather like closely gathered ripples.The use of a darker pewter tone in the background and silver on the surface adds further depth to this look.

techno look metal ripple   techno look cascade

And last in the collection is Techno Look Cascade. With a clever method of embossing into the vinyl at different levels to catch the light a distinctive pattern of overlapping of circles is created which forms a cascade of crescent shapes, the light reflects at so many different intervals it really looks like the pattern is moving.

Embossed and Textured

  soft skakeskin Nevada leatherette fabric  ostrich leatherette fabric

Nevada leatherette is a very soft leatherette inspired by new buck leather that’s common place in cattle country areas of America, particularly the state of Nevada. This synthetic version carries the similar brushed worn surface that gives new buck its distinctive feel.

Soft feel snake leatherette. The feel of this fabric is in between soft supple new buck suede and fine leatherette. The snake pattern covering the fabric mimics the smaller scales of a snake or lizard, the finish has a soft sheen not too much, just the impression of a light polished suede

Ostrich Leatherette fabric, created by clever textural embossing, this fabric accurately mimics ostrich shin leather often used in handbags, luggage, shoes and clothing.

Wow Factor

We stock many and varied vinyl leatherette fabrics ready for projects that will really stand out. You could use these fabrics for little detailing, or larger scale areas.

Stingray Vinyl Fabric

An irresistibly tactile fabric. Deep embossing creates a bubbly surface whilst two tone colouring’s bring out the 3D effect of the fabric.

stingray vinyl fabric deep colours   stingray vinyl fabric bright colours

Snake Skin Textured Fabric

Giving homage to the beautiful pattern of the python, our realistic look and feel snake skin looks great in vehicle detailing.

embossed snakeskin vinyl fabric

High Gloss Glitter Vinyl

Very glossy vinyl packed with sparkly glitter. Smooth to the touch yet very glittery.

High Gloss Vinyl

Super sleek vinyl fabric with a mirror like gloss covering the bold saturated colours or soft metallic shades.

There are many more styles to choose from, if you’r near Birmingham pop in store to have a good look at our products. Or browse online at

Any queries at all you can ring us on 0121 3597784


Italian Jacquard Lining Fabric

Hello and welcome to our KBT Blog

We will endeavor to keep you posted with new products, old favorite’s customer creations and interesting facts about our fabric and its history.

This week our imported Italian lining fabric has just landed in store. This beautiful lightweight lining fabric can of course be used in the classical way to line jackets and coats for men’s and women’s deigns, or take a look at the patterns and colours and see what inspires you.

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FabricUK Create Bean Bag Furniture



FabricUK are pleased to announce that we now supply all types of bean bag furniture. We can provide furniture to your specifications and design, with your choice of fabric from our extensive stocks. Read on for the lowdown on bean bag furniture and what FabricUK can create for you. » Read more..

Fabric Paints and Sprays for Arts, Crafts, Schools, DIY, Business

Get Crafting

Following on from last weeks blog post, Hessian for Construction and Art and Crafts, we are going to be taking a look at KBT’s fine range of Arts and Crafts supplies, in particular fabric crafts.


We will be exploring fabric dyes, textile paints, textile markers and fixatives as well as some of our craft ready fabrics. Everything you need to get started on your next arts and crafts project. » Read more..

Important Ideas to Consider for Wedding Decor

Fabric covered wedding balloons

When the venue and date of your big day is all set, you want the organisation of everything else to run smoothly so that it all comes together without any ‘oh I should have thought of that’ panics. One of the important parts of wedding planning is the decor to make such a special occasion look perfect. Type wedding decoration into a Google search and countless ideas will come up. Yet how to go about putting everything together is another matter, including the use of fabrics, paints, furnishing and decoration.
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Testing Fire Retardant Fabrics and Liquid Spray

Fire retardant spray

In collaboration with KBTs fire retardant liquid, we are going to underline the basics of fire resistant fabrics with the addition of a demonstration video. Fire retardant fabrics are important because so many fires are caused accidently. Fire retardant fabrics can be difficult to set alight or they will burn slower or self-extinguish, helping to prevent injury or death. There are also fire regulations put in place for clothing items such as for children’s sleepwear and for work wear clothing in the emergency services and military. Other standards are provided for environments which can be classified as either low risk, medium risk or high risk. An example of low risk include schools and museums and medium risk include entertainment venues. Here are how fire retardant fabrics work and what are the best options for different applications.

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Tips For Painting on Fabrics

While we tend to focus on the things that you can do to manipulate fabrics, there are a number of people who may prefer to paint patterns onto their pieces instead of sewing them in.

Luckily, this is possible with a number of different fabrics, though you will usually need to be fairly careful when doing it. Here we look at a few helpful tips that should ensure you get it right. » Read more..

Fire Resistant Fabric

Beautiful wedding drapes

Next time you go to a theatre or concert, just imagine what might happen if a fire broke out on stage. In fact in any public place such as a shop, school, library, restaurant, hotel, council building or anywhere people gather together. Even in your own home there are risks of a fire breaking out, but don’t be too alarmed, there are many ways of minimising the damage and preventing flames and smoke from spreading. The obvious ones come to mind, such as fire doors and extinguishers etc, but perhaps less evidently, you can ensure that the fabrics and materials used are fire-retardant too.

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