New Materials at Fabric UK This Month

As always we at Fabric UK are doing our utmost to provide our customers with the widest range of fabrics available. Because of this we are always updating our product range and we have a host of new fabrics available for customers this month.


Bianca FabricBianca is a luxurious fabric that is made from a blend of more traditional fabrics. The material consists of a quarter each of cotton, linen, polyester and viscose and uses the best qualities from each to make a gorgeous and durable fabric.

Bianca is ideal for creating curtains and other upholstery, such as cushions and pillow cases, thanks to this durability. Additionally it is also rather easy to clean so users won’t have to worry too much about any specific maintenance requirements.

We currently have the fabric available in a range of colours and it features a check pattern that is both tasteful and interesting.

To find out more about the fabric or to order a sample simply head to our Bianca fabric page.


Morella FabricMorella is defined by the gorgeous pattern that is emblazoned on the fabric, which makes it ideal for a host of home decoration uses. Ideally the fabric should be used in the creation of curtains and upholstery, such as cushions, however the more inventive amongst you may find alternative uses as well.

Morella is also completely natural and is made up of 100% cotton, which gives it a light and airy feel while also allowing for easy maintenance of the fabric. Assuming that it is kept well the fabric should last for a long time no matter what the use.

The material is safe for machine washes, as is most cotton, though care must be taken to ensure that the pattern doesn’t run. Wherever possible try to avoid using cleaning products that contain silicone as this reduces any water absorbent properties the material may have, however in most cases this won’t be an issue with the Morella.

The fabric is currently available in our store and has a range of colours, with the elegant floral pattern being adjusted to suit the colour scheme regardless of which one you choose.

To find out more about the fabric or to order a sample simply head to our Morella fabric page.


Parador FabricWeighing in at the heavier side of the scale is Parador, which is an ideal material if you wish to craft something with a warmer and more solid feel. The material has a pattern of bold stripes that are eye-catching without being overpowering, making the material perfect for use in curtain designs and for other upholstery.

Parador is a blend of Rayon and Polyester, which helps when it comes to durability and also makes it fairly simple to clean. Ideally it should be hand washed and line dried, as placing the material in a machine may cause it to lose some of its quality.

Like the other fabrics in this article it is also available in a range of colours so it will suit practically any home decor.

To find out more about the fabric or to order a sample simply head to our Parador fabric page.

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