Neoprene and Hessian Fabrics Now Available

At Fabric UK we are dedicated to bringing you the widest array of fabrics at amazing prices. With that in mind we’d like to announce the arrival of a couple of new fabrics to our online store.

As of right now customers will be able to purchase both Neoprene and Hessian fabrics directly from our website.


Neoprene is a form is synthetic rubber that was invented way back in the 1930s. It is extremely flexible and very versatile, which is why the fabric has been put to a wide variety of uses since it first appeared on the market.

In particular the fabric has been used in the creation of gloves and various forms of face mask, especially in areas where fire is a hazard. This is because it is fairly resistant to flames, especially when compared to more traditional types of rubber. As such, as well as some areas of clothing the fabric and material in general has been utilised in a variety of ways for mechanical and manufacturing processes.

Neoprene image

For the particularly craft-inclined amongst you the material has also garnered some level of popularity for its use in the creation of sleeves for laptops and mobile devices, so if you have a piece of equipment like that it may be a handy little project to get to grips with.

We currently have neoprene available in red, cream, black, green, navy and a variety of other colours. Click here to find out more.


Hessian is an extremely strong and versatile woven fabric that has traditionally seen extensive use in the fishing industries, particularly when it comes to the use of nets and ropes.

It is a fairly dense and rough fabric, which can make it difficult to handle for the novice, so it is advised that you have some idea of what you want to do with the fabric and how best to handle it before making your purchase. Generally speaking the fabric itself will be made from the skin of the jute plant, though in many cases sisal fibres will also be utilised.

Hessian fabric

Interestingly, the name Hessian comes from the use of the fabric in the uniforms of soldiers from the German state of Hesse, though we imagine our customers may have more practical uses for the fabric in mind. It is particularly effective when used to create bags and sack cloths, especially in cases where the user needs something tough and durable.

We currently offer hessian in a range of different colours, including natural, bottle, chocolate and cream. Head to the hessian page on the website to find out more.

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