Fabric UK and St Leonards Online Accessories

St Leonards Totely Canvas Strapped Bag

We want to show you the work of one of our clients. This is St Leonards Online Accessories, they create fashionable accessories for men and women. All of their products are designed and created in Britain. Their Totely Canvas Range is created from Fabric UK canvas.

The items

St Leonards have created an assortment of fashionable and simplistic canvas bags. Available in several colours and variations:


St Leonards Totely Canvas Grab Bag
Lightweight and durable tote bag by St Leonards

The fabric

The fabric used for these bags is 12oz Waterproof Canvas, available from our store in in 10 colours. We have a wide selection of Canvas Fabrics. Our vibrant colour selection is suitable for almost any project:

waterproof canvas
Fabric UK Waterproof Canvas
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