Additional Services Available

At Fabric UK we don’t just sell fabrics. We offer services to various types of individuals and organisations.

Who can we help?

Teachers and Tutors

If you’re a teacher/tutor educating on subjects either directly or indirectly related to fabric, we’d like to help. We could allow you to bring your students around the warehouse to demonstrate the various types of fabric, we could set aside some space to allow you to educate your students on various crafting techniques and on top of this, we’re open to suggestions.

Should you wish someone knowledgeable on the topic to help, our staff members are happy to help however they can.

Film Makers

If you’re in the film making industry and you need shots of our facilities or products, we’re willing to help. You could be making a documentary, a home-refurbishment show or anything else.

What about payment?

We strongly believe in educating people on the textiles industry, so if we can afford to, we’ll charge you nothing. We’ll even give you free fabric if we like your project.

Further Information

If you’d like to discuss this further with us, either contact us directly on the blog, email us or call us on 0121 359 2349.

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